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One of the reasons to renovate your property is that you’re planning on selling it and moving on. If your home is run down, then it won’t be as attractive to potential buyers. However, if your property has been recently remodeled, then you can sell it for more money and potentially make a more impressive profit.

Remodeling your bathroom is a fantastic way to add more value to your home. However, not all projects are created equally. Here are some ways to increase your bathroom’s impact on your home value. 

Add a Bathroom

If your home only has one or two bathrooms, then you can quickly add value to your property by adding another bathroom. You have several options for the best way to do this. If the bedrooms are large enough, then you might be able to add an ensuite bathroom without taking too much space out of the bedroom.

Otherwise, you can add a downstairs bathroom or even just a toilet and a sink. If you go for the latter option, then you don’t need to take up much space, but you can add a great deal of utility to the home. Even better, a small bathroom addition shouldn’t cost much money.

Use a bathroom design planner to come up with a layout that best suits the space that you have available. This tool, or a contractor that uses it, can help you best plan a new bathroom or even renovate an existing one.

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Full Renovation

If your bathroom is getting older, then you might not have any other options other than to go for a full renovation. Set a strict budget, especially if you’re planning to sell the property, but make sure that you create a modern, luxurious bathroom that anyone will enjoy.

Include the bathroom fixtures that people expect. Every home should at least have a toilet, sink, and shower, and many people appreciate a bath as well. Focus on a clean design. A heavily stylized bathroom can be stunning, but if you’re planning to sell your property, a blank slate is often the best option. 

Unless the bathroom needs it, try to avoid changing the layout of the room too much. This can cost more than it’s worth. 

Quick Bathroom Fixes

Sometimes you can get away with a few quick bathroom fixes that bring the room back to its former glory, without breaking the bank. Before you sell, make sure that you get a qualified plumber to check out the bathroom fixtures so they can find any issues and fix them right away.

Make sure the tiles and grouting are clean and clear of mold or other issues. You can patch up any damaged or discolored grouting, which makes the bathroom look better and newer. Another option is to add a fresh coat of paint to the walls, which makes the room look brighter.

Add some decorative features to your bathroom to make it look more appealing, even if you’re planning to take them with you.