In 2020, the world was hit hard by a unique coronavirus pandemic, and no amount of medical training can have prepared you or your colleagues for it. The economy, which was already struggling due to the number of closed enterprises, continues to hurt society. Patients were canceling appointments in droves, keeping doctors and nurses idle while hunkered down at home. Moreover, wary individuals delayed regular exams and necessary operations to avoid packed waiting rooms and stuffy exam rooms.

According to the American Medical Association, “the economic impact of COVID-19 on health care continues to reveal itself” through decreased patient volume, revenue, and practice costs. In light of the ongoing pandemic, doctors’ ability to stay in business is in jeopardy.

Since most medical schools only teach students how to diagnose and cure patients rather than how to bill for their services, many doctors and other healthcare workers are unprepared to deal with the current economic climate. The loss of patients is a problem. As we address the coronavirus and its many alterations, attracting new patients presents another challenge.

However, expanding your business is possible with the appropriate methods. Essential strategies for increasing your medical practice in 2022 are provided below.

1. Select The Best Candidates

No matter how skilled a physician you are, your practice will fail if your employees are unprofessional and disrespectful. Your employees are the company’s most valuable resource. More importantly, everyone must be educated and licensed to the correct level to work in your practice. If they’re not, bad practices or even negligence can occur, so making full use of medical credentialing software is paramount for making sure you build up a reliable team. Furthermore, employees should be well-versed in office management and have a firm grasp of interpersonal dynamics. That’s why everyone on your team must be a people person. When employing new staff, it’s essential to consider their interpersonal skills. It would help if you also considered hiring a healthcare marketing agency to assist with growing your practice’s new patient acquisition. 

2. Have Fun With Your Employees And Get To Know Them Better

After hiring the proper individuals, the next step is to foster a culture where everyone feels like they belong to the same team. To do this, you’ll need to think of novel approaches to getting to know them, so they’ll feel appreciated and open up to you about their requirements.

Make a big deal out of their birthdays and other milestones in life. During a retreat, it’s a good idea to have some social events, competitions, and team-building activities that take place outside the office. The goal of these gatherings is to strengthen team bonds, which is crucial for those of your employees (the back office) who have to work remotely through social distancing.

3. Stress What Makes Your Business Special

Market what makes your practice different from the others if you want to attract more patients. For this, you’ll need to determine a signature aspect of your medical practice.

For instance, should you promote weight-loss courses or services for women’s health? Choose a brand and stick with it. 

Think about the fact that people are looking for a medical practice with a consistent message and that they will tell others what they learn about you from their social media interactions. Consequently, you should use social media to promote your business. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are being used to locate various services, including medical ones.

4. Provide Your Employees With Phone Training

One of the main reasons why we look for persons with strong interpersonal skills is so that we can calm down angry patients. When contacting a doctor’s office, patients sometimes get mad and disruptive.

Your front desk staff had better know how to handle these situations diplomatically. Provide your team with training on interacting with patients over the phone to guarantee they represent your clinic in the best possible light. Training your team to ask the right questions over the phone will help them gather accurate customer information and improve efficiency. Your business will flourish as a result.

5. Direct Patients To Helpful Informational Resources

Your reputation as a caring, knowledgeable doctor will soar if you provide patients access to many online and offline resources. There is a lot of false information floating around the internet that you can correct, such as social media posts claiming to have found a cure for COVID-19.

Make a website with helpful information and online videos on health difficulties individuals are facing today, in addition to distributing leaflets about health in your waiting area. Professional blogs of high quality are another excellent medium for spreading information and keeping in touch with internet readers. And have someone on staff post to social media every day, as well as keep an eye on customer reviews.

6. Consider Your Business From The Perspective Of Your Clients

At times, it’s helpful to stop thinking like a doctor and start considering things from the patient’s perspective. Maybe they must wait an hour to see a doctor once they finally get an appointment. If you’re experiencing such issues, it may be time to cease accepting new patients. Longer than usual wait times could signal a problem with scheduling. Have them fill out a questionnaire at check-in to see how long people have been waiting.

7. Don’t Fall Behind On New Medical Innovations

The field of medicine is rapidly developing new tools. You need cutting-edge hardware, software, and tools for your medical practice if you want it to thrive. Ensure you have access to advanced X-ray technology and portable ultrasound equipment. Instead of sending patients to the lab, your team will benefit greatly from a mobile, battery-operated model.

It would help if you prioritized protecting the sensitive information you store on each patient, using the most up-to-date cybersecurity technologies, as ransomware attacks are on the rise and hold practices’ data hostage until they pay up a significant sum of money.


Since the pandemic is still going on, it has become increasingly difficult for doctors to maintain their practices. Recruiting additional patients is a hurdle that must be overcome as we work to combat the coronavirus and its numerous variants. Essential steps to expand your medical practice in 2022 are outlined in the following. An ongoing “economic impact of COVID-19 on health care” is being reported by the American Medical Association. Pick one distinguishing feature of your medical practice and focus on that.