As a lifelong baseball fan, nothing is more thrilling than having lots of great memorabilia in your home each day. Whether it’s that rookie baseball card you sought for so long, a jersey from your favorite player, or perhaps a baseball you managed to catch after your team’s star player slugged the winning home run, you want everyone who stops by your home to see your collection. However, since your items are likely very valuable, you need to display them in the best possible manner. To do so, here are four ways you can do it so that everything is prominent yet also safe.


For many of your items, frames are the perfect way to display them for everyone to see and appreciate. Available in all sizes and designs, you can probably find display frames that match your favorite team’s colors. Great for pictures, jerseys, and other items, you may want to dedicate an entire wall to your collection.

Display Cases

If you have signed baseball memorabilia such as balls, bats, hats, or other items, you likely should consider having these in a display case. Like many collectors, you may choose to have a display case that is full glass, meaning your items can be seen from all angles and vantage points. When selecting a display cabinet, it is usually a good idea to spend a few extra dollars for one that has UV-protected glass, since this will protect your memorabilia from being damaged by sunlight.


Should you be a baseball card collector, you may want to invest in high-quality binders that are made specifically to hold baseball cards. When selecting your binders, always buy ones that have acid-free pages, since this will ensure your cards don’t get damaged over the course of time. Also, make sure your binders are PVC-free since this can also damage the cards. Once you have your cards in your binders, display them on your bookshelves, where you can take them down now and then to look at yourself or show to your envious friends.

Wall-Mounted Case

Finally, should you have a very small collection you want to show off, consider creating a wall-mounted case for display purposes. Unlike a traditional display case, a wall-mounted case will give your collection a museum-like appearance. If you’ve got helmets or baseball gloves, this is a great display idea.

No matter which of these display ideas you use, you’ll soon have your baseball memories out where you and everyone else can see them and enjoy thinking back to those great moments in sports history.