You can wait a while when it comes to many of the minor repairs you need to be fixed on your automobile, but there are a few that are critical enough to wreak serious havoc on your car if you delay in getting them taken care of. Unfortunately, most drivers are unaware of which fixes can wait and which need immediate attention. As such, here is a list of just three of the major repairs that must be taken care of right away:

Malfunctioning Brakes

Whether they make horrific sounds like squealing or grinding, or causing putrid smells like those of burning plastic or rotting fish, you should never drive with less than 100% brake power. You must always be able to come to a complete stop in order to drive a vehicle safely.

Typical brake issues that could be the reason behind noisy brakes or bad smells include a hole in the brake lines leaking brake fluid, or worn-out brake pads or rotors. These can be easily taken care of by taking your vehicle to your neighborhood car repair shop.

Smoking Engines

When you see smoke escaping from your engine compartment, your car certainly needs some TLC, ASAP! This is definitely not a sign you want to ignore because it means your engine is overheating.

Continuing to drive with an overheated engine will cause extensive damage to other crucial components of your vehicle, leading to additional costly repairs, or effectively destroying it. So, if you see smoke under the hood, stop driving your car and get a tow to your mechanic.

Stalling Car Batteries

Without a properly working car battery, you can find yourself stranded far from home at times of the day or night that are not the safest, most convenient, or practical.

Before you even begin to experience failed or delayed startups, you may see the “Battery” light illuminate on your dashboard. At this first sign, you should take your vehicle in for a tune-up. This could indicate that either your battery or your alternator needs to be replaced. That said, it is probably best to get it towed to a repair shop rather than driving it and risking stalling along the way.

In conclusion, there are some repairs that need to be remedied right away for the good of the automobile, and for the safety of you and your passengers. If you feel that any of these issues described here may be affecting your car, get it to the mechanic immediately before further damage is done, or your loved ones’ safety is compromised.