The interior of a salon

We live in an era of transformation on many fronts. That includes traditional business models that are evolving and giving way to new, more flexible, and all-inclusive kinds of services. This trend is especially significant in the beauty sector. For decades, “beauty” was almost synonymous with “salon,” as in “beauty salon.” That, in turn, meant mostly a place to get your hair done. Today though salons have expanded into beauty bars that offer all sorts of benefits.

What is a Beauty Bar?

Hair salons started to expand their services by adding manicures and facials. These “added value” services proved to be an excellent competitive strategy. It was also a way for salon owners to bolster their income.

Thus, the “beauty bar” was born.

Today, a beauty bar is a place where a wide range of services is offered, including:

• Haircuts

• Hair coloring

• Manicures and pedicures

• Facials and skin treatments

• Body scrubs

• Eyebrow threading

• Waxing

• Massage

• Eyelash extensions

• Spray tanning

And that’s just for starters. The best all-service beauty bars offer more than services – they create an immersive environment where one can go to rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul.

For example, many sites offer cocktails, wine, juice bars, and healthy snacks for noshing while the customer enjoys relaxing (or jazzy) music. New Age intonations are popular for atmospherics that calm the mind and relax the spirit.

Save Time

One of the major benefits of a comprehensive beauty bar service is saving time. In the past, for example, a person might get her hair styled at one location and then would need to travel to another location for a manicure –- and yet another location for a facial, waxing, or body scrub.

When these kinds of services are combined in a single location, it not only saves time but eliminates the hassle of driving, finding parking spots, and making multiple payments to different entities.

Streamlining Life Schedules

Let’s say you’re gearing up for a big occasion, such as a special dinner event, wedding, or party for opening an art gallery. A visit to a multiple-service beauty bar means you’ll have less stress, a lot less running around, and an easier schedule as you prep for prime time.


It bears repeating that beauty bars are about more the services themselves. Savvy shop owners understand that people are looking for an occasional escape from a hectic schedule and the routine stresses of life.

In short, a beauty bar is as much about “an experience” as it is about the practical details of looking one’s best. Enjoying a cocktail while you relax in a sauna or getting a mud pack while listening to some great music and chatting with friends is a special kind of therapy.

Thus, a top-notch beauty bar is an oasis of fun and enjoyment, a getaway space carved out in the fabric of our everyday stressful world.

It’s ideal for Group Events

An idea that’s catching on is using a beauty bar as a setting for a bridal shower, bachelorette party, birthday party, baby shower, or just any kind of special event you want to enjoy with a group of friends.

A fun night out with the girls (or the boys) can kick off with some pampering, music, drinks, and beauty applications in a beauty bar setting. In some cases, if an event is large enough, arrangements can be made to reserve the whole venue for a private party.

Children Friendly

Some beauty bars pull out all the stops and offer services for children as well. Others focus exclusively on kids. A parent who wants to “pamper their princess” can set for manicures, pedicures, hair styling, and more. In short, many children enjoy the same things adults do. A beauty bar can act as a special award for when a child achieves “all As” at school or has been a good helper with the chores at home.

Some beauty bars are hybrids that offer adult and child services on-site. It can be a fun bonding experience for parents and children.

Help With Social Media Image

This is increasingly becoming a factor to consider. That is, when someone gets a beauty treatment, the first thing they do is post a “beauty shot” to their Instagram account, or some other social media platform.

Some beauty bars now offer things like “caption suggestions” to put the best spin on your photo. Others offer to take the picture and post it from onsite. Still, others offer online image consulting to help customers get the best interaction and reaction from their social media followers.


As you can see, a beauty bar is much more than a salon. It’s a full experience that can’t be beaten. Thanks to its many benefits beauty bars have become more than what they once were, and are now a place for health and beauty.