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Essential oils are often diluted with a carrier oil or lotion before use, heated gently by diffusing into the air through a diffuser, or applied directly to the skin with a carrier oil. Then, the aromas and therapeutic properties of the essential oil are absorbed, resulting in calming effects. Some people use essential oils for different reasons. For instance, some may use it for personal enjoyment or relaxation, while others may choose to apply them topically for aching muscles or bug bites. Here are tips to relieve stress with essential oils.

1. Lavender Oil – Relaxing and Calming

Among the most popular essential oils is lavender. This oil and its properties are popular for aromatherapy, skincare, and cooking. Just place a few drops of lavender oil in a diffuser to alleviate stress and let it diffuse throughout your home or office. Alternatively, you can heat a tub of water and add 5 to 10 drops of this oil once the tub is warm. For example, stress relief essential oil blends like lavender, rose, vetiver, and clary sage are the best known for soothing you and relaxing your body even during your most stressful day. It can be used with a diffuser, placed on linens in the dryer, or made into a body spray with water and alcohol. Many use lavender essential oil to combat insomnia, so if you find it difficult to doze off at night, try this.

2. Peppermint Oil – A Natural Stimulant

Peppermint oil is another oil that we commonly use today and can be found in everyday products such as toothpaste and gum. Perhaps this is because essential oil has been shown to boost energy and encourage alertness. You can diffuse peppermint oil at work to improve your concentration throughout the day or add it to your bathwater for a soothing treat once you get home. Menthol also helps to stimulate the body and mind and increase alertness, so if you have a large workload, you can use this essential oil to help power through.

3. Rosemary Oil – An Uplifting Scent

Rosemary essential oil can be used to reduce stress and headaches. If you’re experiencing a tension headache, add 3 to 4 drops of rosemary oil directly onto your scalp in the area of pain. You can add 2 or 3 drops of this oil into a diffuser to fill the room with its aroma. Rosemary essential oil has been used for centuries as a perfume and treatment for headaches, muscle pain, and even digestive issues.

4. Frankincense Oil – A Grounding Oil

It’s been known to help reduce stress, boost self-esteem, and have many other properties. This oil can make incense, typically burned during meditation rituals. It helps with sleep disorders such as insomnia and can help alleviate stress. You can apply it to your temples or the back of the neck or diffuse it in your home or office to improve your mood.

5. Eucalyptus Oil – A Refreshing Scent

The oil found in eucalyptus trees can also be used for aromatherapy. When an individual suffering from stress feels overwhelmed, they can diffuse this oil to help calm their mind. The aroma is uplifting and refreshing but still has a medicinal quality, so it’s not entirely pleasant on the nose. However, if you’re feeling down, it will be soothing and energizing at once.

6. Utopia – A Warm Tropical Scent

It’s versatile yet complex and has a refreshing scent that also seems to have an almost revitalizing effect. If you feel under the weather, try diffusing this oil’s aroma in your home or office. Utopia oil has been blended with support oils, such as lavender, chamomile, and marjoram. It’s a refreshing oil containing citrus and geranium, intended for both physical and mental well-being.

7. Sanctuary – A Crisp Scent

With a warm, earthy aroma and a touch of citrus, this oil is thought to promote relaxation and optimism. To use it for stress relief, diffuse it in your home or office to create an atmosphere of rest and rejuvenation. Sanctuary oil has been blended with support oils, such as lavender, chamomile, and marjoram. It’s also stimulating but calming at the same time through its combination of bergamot citrus and fir needle essential oils.


Essential oils can be beneficial in helping to reduce stress. They are proven aromatherapy tools and are natural and safe. The right essential oil, paired with the right carrier oil or lotion, can relax your body and soothe your mind.