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So, you have just had that positive pregnancy result. You are filled with emotions. Some of you won’t know whether to laugh or cry. The only thing you know is that your life is going to change a lot. The good thing is that you are not alone. And that means there is plenty of advice and ideas out there for you to take advantage of. Whether this was a planned pregnancy or not, seeing the positive result means you have to start taking action. So, let’s discover a few ways you can prepare for that new bundle of joy.

Your Finances

Babies cost money. They are completely dependent on you, and you need to make sure that tier needs are met. So, one of the first things that you should do is save money. If your current financial situation is not exactly tip-top, perhaps now is the time you get some financial help. You have nine months to make the situation manageable, and if you need to find a place with cheaper rent or start learning how to live within your means, you need to start doing it now. There is nothing like the motivation of a newborn to get you going, though. So, you can do it, and save as much as you possibly can. Especially considering for the first nine months, you may have a pay cut.

Talk to Someone

Pregnancy and the prospect of a baby does not affect everyone equally. If you are pregnant and single, this may be the most daunting for you. Luckily there are people to talk to, such as here at Talking to people and getting advice is a must-do. This may be the time to start repairing ties with family members and confiding in them and building a support network. Most people need a strong support structure. So do everything in your power to build a community around you and your baby.


Stock Up

Those first few weeks with the baby are probably going to be the most difficult. Not only will you have a newborn to look after you will likely have the baby blues, feeling pain from the birth, and struggling with lack of sleep, among other things. So, it is a good idea to stock up before. Things like nappies, cotton wool, wipes, baby bottles, formula, baby clothes, and muslin cloths are all things you are going to need on a daily basis. So, get a big supply of these. It may even be an idea to stock up your kitchen so you do not have to leave home often. Things like long-life milk may be a Godsend when your fresh runs out.

Start Baby Proofing

You won’t need this straight away, as newborns don’t do much other than drink, poo, and sleep. But time flies with babies, and soon they will be crawling. So, start babyproofing now. Covering up wires, ensuring that there are no plugs they can stick fingers into, covering up sharp objects, and anchoring things to the wall or ceiling.