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The exterior of your office building holds great importance. This will be one of the first impressions that people, such as talent or clients, will have about your company. In general, the exterior is going to be how others judge your company. While it’s true, you will have little control if your office is in a skyscraper or you’re just renting a building. In fact, if you own your storefront or office building, this blog post is going to apply more to you. There are so many limitations to helping grow a small business, but here are a few to help you out.

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Keep it Simple

A lot of people believe that simplicity is the key to success. They think that if they make something simple, it will be easier for people to use and appeal more to the eye. A lot of companies are now using this idea in their designs. They are trying to make their products as easy as possible for customers and employees without compromising on aesthetics or functionality. It can work, and you don’t need to overthink it. However, some things just can’t be skipped over, such as commercial concrete repair, as you’re going to want to ensure that the entire exterior has good upkeep.

Focus on Greenery

While this doesn’t immediately mean landscaping, you should try adding more greenery outside your office. It could be as simple as a few hanging plants, maybe a rose or ivy, climbing up the building. It’s all going to be your choice.

Add a Splash of Color

Business owners need to make sure that their signage is eye-catching and relevant. People will be more likely to notice your store or office if you have a sign that draws their attention. This can help them remember your business and encourage them to return in the future. Something colorful can be a lot of fun, and it can still be professional-looking.

Create a Sense of Place

Think about the setting where your office is located and what it has to offer. What is the area like? How does the urban environment shape your work experience? Consider these factors when developing your exterior design concepts. You want to ensure that the exterior blends in, but not too much.

Work with Local Artists

Consider working with local artists or finding artists that reflect what your company stands for to help in designing the exterior of your building. Public art is a powerful way to connect with local communities, attract customers, and create a sense of place. Something like a mural can truly be outstanding!

Improve the Curb Appeal with Unique Landscaping Design Ideas

Landscaping design is an important aspect of improving the exterior of a space. It can increase the curb appeal and make it more attractive for clients. There are many different types of landscaping designs that you can choose from. One such design is the traditional garden design which uses flowers, shrubs, ground coverings, and trees for a natural look. Going for a standard lawn is just so boring, and it’s not that inviting either. Why not grow some flowers?

Enhance Lighting to Improve the View of Your Exterior at Night

Outdoor lighting is a key component of any office exterior design. It is often the first thing that people notice when they drive by in the evening. Outdoor lighting can be used to create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere, or it can be used to highlight architectural features. Plus, this can be a great security feature too.