tuna salad on transparent lunch pack

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That afternoon slump at work is usually caused by either not eating any lunch, making do with heavy junk food, or having an incomplete meal that doesn’t satisfy body and mind. It may be part of other bad habits, such as getting to bed late most nights, not having a refreshing sleep, consuming too much alcohol, and allowing yourself to become dehydrated. 

The group that is at most risk of not eating a proper midday meal is young singles and married couples without children. This is the stage where you feel that you could live (and party) forever. A common myth this group often shares is the belief that there is plenty of time to develop healthy habits without developing disease conditions. A common health issue this group experiences nowadays is being overweight or obese. This is linked to more than ten serious physical conditions and numerous mental health problems.

Various reasons that are given by this group for not packing nutritious lunches are that they don’t have the energy, time, or money to do so. Let’s unpack each of these and look at them objectively. We provide you with the know-how of what to include in a healthy diet to ensure that every work lunch will sustain you for the afternoon and beyond.

Lack of Energy

The first complaint is a lack of energy. This may be caused in the first instance by not eating properly. Consider what you have eaten in the last week. How much protein, good quality carbs, fruit, and vegetables did you have? Looking at the last two, vegetables and fruit, did you know that an adequate diet includes five portions of each of these every day? This should make up half of your food allocation for the day. 

It will be easier to pack a meal containing all your requirements if you have a suitable container with compartments for different types of food. You can find plenty of stylish options nowadays too. For example, Modern Picnic have designed their large lunchers to look like handbags.

A lack of energy could also indicate a serious underlying health condition. Other factors to consider are lifestyle, work-related stress, and psychological causes. This list will help you sort through which factors might be affecting you personally.

Lack of Time

The biggest reason young adults are pressed for time is when they are studying full-time, and/or working to supplement their college allowances. If this is the case, you are especially in need of a healthy eating plan to cope with all your responsibilities. 

It is vital to limit social activities, including online, as this has been shown to exacerbate tiredness and lack of concentration. Remind yourself of your goals and that this is not permanent. Aim to get a proper sleep every night and don’t forget to hydrate yourself frequently. These meals are easy to pack.

Lack of Money

A lack of money can make it difficult to get in proper nutrition, especially as a student. Here are some tips on making your money go further and eating better. You may want to ask your parents if they can support you in the effort to eat a healthy diet. Providing them with a list of what you need weekly, and the costs will show them that you really want to make an improvement. 

Make your health and nutritious eating a priority now and your body and mind will be healthier in the future.