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Many people are constantly making numerous home renovations to ensure their home is aesthetically pleasing but the fact is that it’s not just about how it looks, it’s about those foundations that ensure the house is able to weather any storm, literally. Wherever you live in the world, you’ve got to ensure that you are looking after your home, but you also need to prepare your home for what storm damage can do. One of those common types of property damage insurance companies see is siding and roofing damage after heavy winds. Let’s show you some ways to look after and prepare your property. 

Replacing Shingles

A local roofing contractor will tell you exactly how important it is to repair shingles on a regular basis. If a shingle is missing, there is a gap in the roof that can result in internal damage, and if shingles are damaged, they could break free and cause significant carnage to the property. 

Clearing Branches

If there is a tree near your property you’ve got to get into the habit of general maintenance checks to address if there are any loose branches that could end up going through your windows. You need to look for the weak parts of a tree as these can be affected first by storms. 

Securing Outside Furniture

If you’ve worked hard to set up your garden just right you have to remember that big items of outdoor furniture can be weapons when picked up by storms. Large items like trampolines, chairs, and tables need to be secure. You could benefit from purchasing the heaviest furniture on the market, but it might also be worth protecting specific items that could get damaged by storms or hail. 

Making Sure Water Flows Away From the Property

Proper drainage is vital to ensuring that your property stays as sturdy during a storm. Ensuring that the gutters are free-flowing and the downspouts go away for the foundation will make for a lot more peace of mind. Water damage when the water flows back into the property is a very common problem that arises from storms, and cleaning your gutters is a very simple thing that will help. 

Sealing the Windows and Doors

The strength of any wind can rip sidings and shingles off. When you seal the windows and the doors, you’re stopping any gust from penetrating a small gap that could eventually cause issues with the roof. 

Securing Your Fences

Fences can bear the brunt of any storm. Repairing your fence in advance is essential. Looking for the right types of wood materials that withstand high winds is a good place to begin, but you also need to make sure that the fence is not running the risk of getting waterlogged, which could rot the wood posts. You should make sure that the fence panels are clear of garbage or weeds. 

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Preventative Measures

Many people don’t have the time to check their property in anticipation of storm season. But you owe it to yourself to do quick checks so you can, at the very least, minimize the impacts.