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Flooring is one of the most important components of interior design, and if you have bad flooring, it will take away from any room it’s installed in. This is why people tend to be stuck when it comes to choosing flooring options. They know that the decisions they make will not only be costly but will have repercussions for years to come. And they may not be the savviest about flooring materials in the first place. In this article, we’re going to look at a few things you should be looking for when picking flooring options.

Your Budget

The very first thing you’ll have to think about is your budget. There is no point in you looking at solid oak floors when all you have is vinyl money, so first, learn about the costs of different options and the selection available. If you’re on a limited budget, then you might have to look at things like LVT or laminate. You could also start looking at some engineering wood options. 

If you have the money, however, you can let your imagination run free and prioritise other factors. If you’re looking for the best floors available, you could look at a variety of hardwood floor options, but also materials like marble, glass mosaic, or pebble stone, just to name a few.

The Room Conditions

You cannot install just any type of material in a room. You will need to look at the atmospheric conditions in the room first, and how the room is going to be used. If the room is very humid and susceptible to moisture, for instance, certain materials will have to be scratched off the list or will require more preparation.

Hardwood, for instance, is not considered the best for basements and bathrooms for this reason. You should know, however, that there are some good options like luxury vinyl tiles that could work as substitutes. So, make sure that you know how certain materials deal with different conditions before you start looking.

The Installation

You also have to know that some materials demand more expertise be installed. This is something you have to expect with more high-end options, like Dinesen hardwood floors, for instance. If this is the type of floor you want to install, you will absolutely need to work with a Dinesen flooring-approved contractor to ensure that the area will be properly prepared for the installation and their longevity. The same goes if you want to install exotic materials like glass or marble.


Some people will also put a premium on sustainability, and if this is your case, then you’ll probably want to look at flooring options that can be found recycled and recycled easily. Options like bamboo and cork come to mind here. You still have to know where the material for the floods came from, however, since they may have had to travel large distances or be treated using questionable methods.

These are all things you’ll need to look at if you are thinking of having new floors installed. This is a very important decision, so take the time to gather as much expert advice as possible and do your research on multiple materials before you make your final choice.