The perfect reception is fun, characteristic of the couple, and, most of all, tailored to the guests. Here’s how to go that extra mile for a truly unforgettable event.

Thoughtful Seating

Smart seating arrangements ensure quality conversation opportunities for all your guests. They also minimize the chance of drama among petty relatives or acquaintances. There are a few approaches to take to this. You can seat people by age group, previous acquaintanceship, shared interests that you know of, etc. Leave ample room between the tables, as well as between the guests themselves. This makes mealtime more comfortable, prevents bumping accidents, and overall makes navigating the space stress-free for everyone.

Hire a Coordinator

Don’t hazard juggling it all by yourself. Get help to keep track of all the details and make sure everything functions smoothly. Hire a coordinator if it fits your budget. Otherwise, ask family or friends to help you – and properly compensate them! Ask each individual whether they would prefer payment, a gift, a return favor, or something else. Whatever their choice, respect it. Make a point of showing them that you genuinely appreciate their time and effort.

Commemorate it Professionally

Weddings often unite cultures, as well as individuals. If yours will feature notable cultural aspects, make sure to capture them for posterity. For example, Australian weddings feature such beautiful customs as the stone ceremony, the unity bowl, and Lamingtons. You would want to relive these moments dynamically, rather than through a photo. So, ensure you get a professional video taken. Look for a quality wedding videographer in Sydney or another urban center nearest to your venue. You want them to transport equipment easily and arrive promptly. Traveling long distances risks bad traffic or bad luck, and you certainly don’t want any of that on your special day.

Plan for the Youth

You need suitable entertainment for your younger guests, especially if children are attending. You don’t want your reception to be remembered as boring. Provide them with their own table or supervised room. Let them socialize freely, without the pressure of acting prim and proper around adults. You could also organize some children-friendly activities like a kids’ dance party, a crafts bench, tabletop games, etc.

Plan for the Elderly

Don’t forget to take care of any elders attending. They may not get bored as children do, but they certainly will tire more easily. They also may not appreciate noise and crowds as much. See if you can provide a “senior area” where they can retreat from the general bustle if it gets overwhelming. Likewise, provide comfortable seating for their old bones. Cushions are a great solution, as they can be moved to wherever they’re needed. Also, consider if your menu is elder-friendly: make sure there is something for weak stomachs and old teeth as well.

Be Considerate

Offer the second course of lighter food later in the evening, after people spend their energy on the dance floor. On a related note, have some comfy footwear available: dancers in high heels and other rigid shoes will endlessly appreciate it. Ditch the receiving line and let people settle in with a drink or appetizer. Greet them at their tables instead. Anything you can do to make your guests comfortable and happy will have you remembered as a unique kind host.


The best wedding receptions are thoughtful ones. Provide proper care for the elderly and children attending. Make strategic seating arrangements. Be considerate of tired dancers and do everything you can to ensure comfort and fun for everyone.