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Are you great at interacting with people? Are you able to easily put strangers at ease and get them on your wavelength? More importantly, do you enjoy being around people, listening to them and helping solve their problems? If so, you could be a genuine ‘people person’. 

Such people thrive in environments where they’re constantly interacting with others and working towards social harmony. As a result, they do well in jobs where they are constantly meeting and talking to new people. Just what types of jobs are perfect for such people? Below are 7 great examples. 

PR agent

Public relations is a job based purely on building relations between people. PR agents work with clients to either score positive media attention or help them build a good public image. They typically work with companies within a specific industry or help boost the public reputation of individuals. Specific qualifications are not necessary, although having a higher education can help you land such roles. Having good written communication skills can also help, especially when it comes to writing press releases and email pitches. 

Recruitment agent

Recruitment is another great industry for those that are great at working with people. As a recruitment agent, you help companies to fill vacancies – which could involve helping job applicants write resumes and prepare for interviews, while also helping employers to work out what they’re looking for. Good time management skills can also help in this job.

Sales/customer service rep

Working within sales or customer service could also be great if you’re a people person. Both jobs typically involve building relationships with clients in order to win over business (in the case of sales) or retain business (as is the case with customer service). There are other related jobs such as account management that also require these skills – this guide to graduate account manager jobs explains more about this role. 


Along with medical qualifications (typically a nursing degree) and not being squeamish when it comes to bodily fluids, nursing often requires very good people skills. Nurses often have to administer medication, take samples and conduct monitoring tests which may involve putting patients at ease and winning over their trust. In fact, it can be a very exciting job for those who love people as you’re constantly meeting new types of people and hearing all kinds of stories. This guide explains more about how to become a nursing practitioner


Having great people skills is also very important as a teacher. On top of being able to communicate information easily, teachers need to be able to motivate students, diffuse conflict and work with different personalities. To become a teacher, you’ll first need a degree in your chosen subject and you’ll then need to undertake training to get your teaching licence. 

Flight attendant

Flight attendants need to be able to solve people’s problems and put them at ease while at 35,000ft. It’s a great job for those that love being around people. You also get to travel all around the world while doing it! There are training courses to become a flight attendant that you can take. A background in hospitality can often help.


Consultants provide expert advice within a niche area – often serving other businesses, but sometimes general consumers too. Examples include IT consultants and marketing consultants. You could even throw roles like nutritionists and financial advisors into this category. Giving advice that people can trust involves being a people person and it can be a very rewarding job for those that love helping people. As becoming a consultant often involves being an expert in a certain field, you’ll usually need to have an education and experience within this field.