With numerous gift options for activists, finding something appropriate for the activist in your family can be difficult. Gifting someone who puts their body on the line for the causes which they believe will help improve your society makes it even more challenging. Additionally, if you are purchasing a gift based on a specific issue on which they focus their activism, ensure to find something that the activist will actually like. Here are eight gift ideas for the activist in your family.

1. Notebooks

Whether for school or on the go, a notebook can be a useful gift for activists of all ages. If you are buying for someone younger, you will want to ensure that their notebook has as many pages as possible because they will probably need space to write down all their thoughts and ideas, as well as assignments and notes.

For someone older, they will probably prefer something sleeker. A leather journal or notepad with lined pages would make a better option for the older activist in your life. If they have an idea for a project, they can begin recording it here. It will also help them plan how they will go about trying to accomplish this project.

2. Duality Prints

Many activists often have a duality in their personalities. They can be kind and caring towards others while being strong and brave when standing up for their beliefs. When gifting artwork to the activist in your family, it is best if you give them something that represents their duality. However, make sure that the print does not compromise their safety.

3. Subscription Boxes

When your activist is passionate about a certain cause, one of the best gifts you can give them is something that supports this cause. If they are fans of a particular television show, give them a subscription to their favorite show.

While subscribing to only one service will help keep costs low, giving the activist in your family multiple subscriptions is ideal. This way, they can choose what best suits their lifestyle, as well as be able to use all of the subscription services in one box.

4. Merchandise

Another fun option for the activist in your life is merchandise. This can be any number of things, whether a T-shirt and hat representing their favorite show or an action figure for a superhero. A hoodie is also ideal for the activist who likes to stay warm yet doesn’t want to sacrifice their fashion sense.

You can also consider election merch for activists in the middle of an election. That way, they can feel appreciated regardless of their political party.

5. Coffee Maker

Many activists stay up late at night to organize their thoughts and plan their next move. Give them a coffee maker to ensure they stay awake for these long hours. Ensure your gift has high-quality coffee beans or roasts to ensure that the activist in your life can stay alert and remain productive.

6. Vinyl

Vinyl is a perfect gift for the music-loving activists in your family. They are durable to withstand being packed away in boxes and will not disappear due to their popularity.

A vinyl of their favorite album or artist is a great option, as well as an album of songs that share their sentiments. Many artists also include an insert with lyrics, which can be a great way for the activist to develop new ideas while listening to their favorite music.

7. Laptop

A laptop makes an excellent gift for the activist in your family as they can use it to view the news. They can also use it for research issues and spread their message as much as they want. The laptop should be something durable so that it can withstand being packed away.

However, ensure that the activist in your life knows how to use it before gifting it to them. Make sure you get a laptop with enough memory to store files while traveling or at work.

8. Water Bottle

Many times, activists have to walk long distances or stand a lot of time to speak out against issues. So, gifting them a water bottle will help them stay hydrated. It is durable to withstand the elements and prevent it from getting broken too easily.

Additionally, you can also get a customized water bottle for your activist. You can write a message on the side or include a picture of them if they are an active member of the cause.


While finding the perfect gift for the activist is difficult, thinking about their hobbies and interests will help you find a gift they will surely appreciate. You can also show appreciation as they work hard to improve society by donating to their cause. And with the above ideas, you should be able to find some great gifts that they will love.