If you live in the country, have a large family, or have more than one story in your home, you should install a fire safe. The US Fire Administration said that 95% of fires happen in homes, and almost 70% of those fires start with cooking. Worse, people who died in these fires had less time to escape because they were asleep when the fire started. Luckily there are many ways of protecting yourself and your home from this danger. Here are reasons why you need a fire safe in your home.

Protects Valuables

If you have important items in the home you want to protect from a house fire, it is wise to invest in a fire safe. According to the National Fire Protection Association, an annual average of 4,100 house fires cause $625 million in damages. Most of these occur at night when everyone is asleep and cannot save their belongings. A fire safe can protect your valuables like documents, financial records, jewelry, and photographs. For instance, a liberty safe can store up to 80 lb. and protect items up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Protects Your Family

If you have small children or older people in the home, it is important they have a safe place to hide during a fire emergency. It is also wise to have a fire safe in case there is a fire during the night when you need to protect children or elderly parents. The last thing you want is not to be able to find them when they need protection.

Adjustable Security

A fire safe can be an important part of access control for several reasons. First, the safe can contain information used to access the site or an encryption system for the login. The fire safe is also useful for holding other equipment needed to access a facility, like a network hub, modem, or backup tapes. The fire safe can also be used to store codes to unlock doors and gates and badges needed when visiting or working at a facility.

Safes Can Be Bolted to Floors

Many of the storage units for your valuables sold with fire safes these days are bolted to the floor. This makes them more secure and gives you an added layer of safety. It is important to note that if you buy a fire safe, there should be information on how to bolt it in place, which should be included with the safe.

While fire safety is serious, it doesn’t have to be scary. Suppose you have a house full of valuables like artwork, jewelry, and sterling silver; you need to learn about fire safety and invest in a fire safe. Safes can also be used to store your important documents and photos in case of an emergency.