It was no doubt devastating if you or someone you love was in a trucking accident. Trucking accidents involve several elements that are not present in other car accidents. Trucking accidents generally result from driver error, equipment error, or a mix of both. Trucking accidents can usually be more dangerous because of the weight and size of trucks, and there is potential for burns and spills caused by trucking accidents. If you are involved in a trucking accident, there is no need for you to feel like you are on your own. Follow the five steps below to get the support that you need.

1. Call The Police

There are still people who do not understand how important this step is. If you are in any trucking accident, get the police out there to make a report. The truck driver may try to convince you that you do not have to call the police if the accident is minor, but do not let the driver persuade you. You want the police on your side. If the truck accident was significant, or if you lost consciousness, there is no doubt that the passersby will call the police for you.

2. Take Pictures

Regarding a trucking accident, the trucker’s company will try to prove that the company was not at fault. The company may try to prove that other factors caused the accident, but you know the truth. If you can walk away from the accident, make sure to take pictures before you leave the scene of the accident. A picture is worth a thousand words, and there is no way that the trucking company can deny what is evident in the photos. It would be best if you took pictures of your car, the street, the truck, and the license and insurance of the trucker. Take photos of everything. You want to be sure that you are covered.

3. Get Information From Witnesses

Witnesses are an excellent resource for you after an accident. If there were other drivers around, you would do well to get their information. There are the people who will serve as your witness, and you want to be able to contact them when their statements are needed. Witnesses are an excellent source of support for you because they have nothing to win or gain from their statements. They are just there to tell the truth.

4. Make A Claim With Your Insurance Company

Your insurance company needs to know that you were involved in an accident. After a trucking accident, you want to get your insurance company involved as soon as possible. The insurance company will take the lead in filing a claim and getting things set up for you regarding your benefits. Your insurance company can help with retribution, a rental car, medical expenses, repair expenses, car replacement, pain and suffering, and therapy.

5. Get A Lawyer On Your Side

If you are in an auto, car, or truck accident, It would be best to get professional and legal help. Find someone who specializes in your type of accident and knows the local area. For instance, If you have been involved in a trucking accident in Houston, contact a Houston trucking accident attorney who knows how to handle these specific situations. A professional trucking attorney has dealt with various trucking accidents, and they will fight for you when no one else will. It can be complicated to sue a trucking company because sometimes, you must file a suit against the agency, the truck manufacturer, and the driver. Other times, all of those steps are not needed. Instead of figuring out the legalities of the lawsuit after a trucking accident, get a professional trucking lawyer.

Just Heal

After a trucking accident, there is no doubt that you will need to heal. You will have to recover from emotional damage regardless of how much physical pain you are in, and you may also have to heal from serious physical injuries. You are not alone in this fight. If you follow the five steps that are listed above, you will be able to avoid extra heartache after an accident. You do not need any more stress in your life, so do your due diligence and focus on healing after the crash.