Did you forget where you left your keys? Do they sound like they are jiggling in the bushes or something? You don’t have to sit and wait for them to return home. Here are some tips on what to do if you suddenly lose your keys.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Though it doesn’t seem important, you will want to contact your insurance company first. They can help you recover your keys if they are in your car in case it was stolen. If a car key is lost in an accident, it may be found on the car floor or possibly hanging from the ignition.

Call The police

If you assume your keys have been stolen, call the police right away. You may assume that whoever has your keys will return to your home, but they could be out on a joyride or partying somewhere. You are better off safe than sorry, and you can notify the police so they can keep their eyes out for your keys. The best thing to do is to secure your keys or get a new set. The police also have the resources to help you find missing keys; this is why they are always willing to help in any way they can.

Retrace Your Steps

If you have lost your keys, you will have to pay a locksmith to help you find them or get new ones. Knowing where your keys were found can help you retrace your steps. How did you leave home? What stores were near here? Did anyone give you directions? Were any landmarks nearby the store or residence that helped with directions? You’ll want to make a thorough plan of where it is safe for the locksmith to retrieve your keys. You can also alert friends and family- Some people go through their entire circle of friends when looking for their keys. It’s good to let everyone know that you have lost your keys so everyone can keep an eye out for them. Sometimes, someone will spot a key on the floor or by the trashcan in an airport.

Contact a Locksmith Near You

You may not want to wait around for your house or car key to turn up. You might want to call a car locksmith in Miami Florida. If the keys are in your car and you are confident a thief didn’t take them, you can have them retrieved and duplicated for you. If they are in your house or apartment and you feel it is important to keep them, then ask the locksmith how they can help recover your lost keys.

Change your Locks

Changing locks is a great idea if you have lost your keys multiple times in the same area. Not only are these areas prime target locations for thieves, but using one key to open a door and another to lock it could be a security flaw. You’ll want to find out the types of locks your home uses for doors and windows and then call a locksmith who can come out and install them properly.

How you get new keys will depend on your type of lock. If you have a keypad door, your locksmith will install a keypad to enter the code. For a deadbolt or knob lock, they can install a new key made by the manufacturer. If your lock was an added keyless entryway and now it has been broken into, then your locksmith may want to suggest re-keying the lock. This way, any old keys on the same keychain won’t open the door. A locksmith can match a new key code at home, so you won’t have to worry about forgetting a code.

Conclusively, if you suddenly lose your keys in a populated area, call the police and a locksmith. There are several ways to make new keys, and you will want to ensure that the locksmith has experience making duplicates. Hire the wrong person, and you’ll likely have to pay for another appointment to get it fixed again or have your locks altered. The only way to be safe is by having a good locksmith install new locks for your home.