When you have a family member who has been severely injured due to the carelessness and negligence of others, you know nothing is more important than helping your loved one gain the compensation they need to pay medical bills, replace lost income, and help them deal with their daily pain and suffering. But as you know, filing a personal injury claim and having a successful claim can be two different things. To help your family member be successful with their claim, here are four tips to always keep in mind.

Gather Evidence

To come away with a successful claim, your family member will need to have plenty of evidence to support their case. To begin the process of winning the case, help your family member gather key pieces of evidence regarding their injury. This can include photos of their accident scene, damage estimates to property that was destroyed, statements from eyewitnesses, copies of police reports, and anything else that will be helpful.

Document Their Injuries

Next, you should make sure your loved one’s injuries have been properly documented in their medical records. This occurs by having them seek treatment immediately after their accident, as well as taking them to all future medical appointments while their case plays out.

Hire an Attorney

Since your family member may be too incapacitated or upset to immediately hire an attorney, this is a task you may need to do right away. Should you meet with a member of The Radmore Law Firm, you will learn about the statute of limitations associated with this case, what evidence may be crucial to winning the case, and what you and your loved will need to do or not do until your case is resolved.

Help Them Avoid Insurance Companies

Unfortunately, insurance companies love to prey on accident victims while they are still trying to recover from their injuries. Once your loved one is injured, expect an insurance company to contact them days later, either by phone or in person. When this happens, encourage them to say as little as possible about their accident, and to also not immediately accept a quick settlement. Instead, refer the insurance company to your loved one’s attorney, since they will be able to speak on their behalf and negotiate a fair and reasonable out-of-court settlement for substantial compensation.

If you stand with your loved one from the beginning of their personal injury lawsuit until its conclusion, it is almost certain they will be able to emerge from their traumatic accident with the compensation they need and deserve.