The image source is Pexels.

It’s always nice when you can put yourself together in a way that showcases the most beautiful version of who you are. In order to showcase beauty and style, many people believe that full faces of makeup are necessary. However, it’s the simple steps you take in order to put yourself together that make the difference. The simple routine of style maintenance can do wonders in curating your overall fashion look. In order to build the perfect look for yourself, consider the following style tips.

1. Tailoring Matters

Whether you have a long torso, short legs or large glutes, get your clothing tailored to fit your body. By bringing up a hemline or loosening a few seams in the waistline, a tailor can create a finished look that makes a simple pair of jeans look as though it was custom-made for your body.

2. Consider the Maintenance

If you live in an environment that gets a lot of rain, it might not be the wisest decision to purchase a lot of authentic suede shoes. If you like the look of suede, try the faux option. Then, it’ll be much easier to wear faux suede in rain weather as you maintain a polished look. Before you purchase a cute blouse, look at the tag to learn about the garment’s instructions. If it requires dry cleaning and you know you’re more likely to throw it in the washing machine instead, don’t purchase it. When you don’t follow the garment’s instructions, this ruins its integrity over time.

3. Choose a Color Scheme

If you look on apps like TikTok or Instagram, you’ll see a lot of women who follow a neutral aesthetic. If you look at the fashion lines of major influencers like Kim Kardashian, you’ll see a lot of similar neutral tones. While neutral tones are lovely, they serve as a foundation. You don’t have to make your entire wardrobe brown or taupe. Instead, curate a closet that contains versatile neutral colors first. Then, add your favorite colors to the mix. For example, purchase blazers in neutral colors like black, white and navy blue. Once you have your foundational colors, you can add blazers in your favorite colors like hot pink, emerald green or yellow.

4. Accessorize Intentionally

While there are many people who don’t wear jewelry for religious purposes, there are tons of ways to accessorize an outfit. If you wear jewelry, collect a mix of understated and statement pieces to wear with your outfits. Jewelry and other accessories tend to bring a look together. Additional accessories to consider include watches, purses and belts. Invest in one classic watch that has a timeless look. You’ll be able to wear this watch for years. It’s also versatile in helping you maintain a classy look if you’re wearing athleisure wear or a little black dress. Look for belts in colors such as black, navy blue and brown. These colors work well with dress pants as well as jeans.

5. Prepare the Garments

One of the reasons why people can easily look unkempt and disheveled is because they don’t take the time to take care of their garments. While the clothes might be clean, it’s not enough to stop at cleanliness. Throwing the garments in the washer and dryer is the bare minimum. Separate your white clothes from your colored clothing. Wash light colors separately from dark colors. Use bleach in order to keep the white clothes vibrantly white. Steam or iron your clothes before you wear them. Wrinkles easily bring down the look of an outfit. If you see any holes in your clothes, either stitch them up or get rid of them. If you have any missing buttons, replace them. Always keep a lint brush on hand to get rid of piling, loose hair or lint. These seemingly small details make a major difference in the way a person presents their style perspective.


Go through your closet in order to be completely honest about what works and what doesn’t. Be honest about what fits and what’s dated. If a garment needs some tailoring, place that task on your to-do list, and complete it as soon as possible. Once you’re clear about the garments you can actually wear, pay attention to the garments and other items you need. Create a new list of items to purchase in the future. Once you’ve curated that list, it’ll be much easier to intentionally shop with an understanding of how you want to build your fashion look in the future.