Smooth internal communication is something upon which the success of an organization depends. The better communication, the better the chances of brilliant employee performance. Brilliant employee performance, in turn, helps an organization reach their business objectives.

Since internal communication is essential, boosting it through ideas is the hour’s call. This blog is just about those ideas only. We have included a series of brilliant ideas for enhancing internal communication. Keep on reading!

Ideas To Boost Internal Communication

1. A Social Wall

A social wall has got its stakes raised in recent years, given the benefits it serves. People associate a social wall on digita screens or via a website widget. Still, a social wall is also an excellent tool for boosting internal communication. A social wall can be used for several reasons, not only one, making it a cut above the rest. Social wall used to display UGC on digital screens from various social media platforms such as Instagram, facebook, twitter, youtube and so on. There are many social media aggregator tool that you can use to create a free social wall for your next event.

You can also use social wall to display important messages such as project deadlines, welcoming new joiners, celebrating anniversaries & birthdays, announcing contests, recent sporting events etc.

A social wall makes passing information amongst the employees seamless and free-flowing removing any type of confusion that might have been caused otherwise.

2. Focus On Employee Mental Wellness

According to McKinsey, only one in six employees feel that their employers sufficiently support their mental health and wellness. As a result, companies will need to exert more effort during this fast change and uncertainty.

Internal communicators’ top priority will be to provide and promote more effective resources for employee wellness. In addition, teams in charge of communications will be in charge of finding out what kind of support employees require and connecting them to it.

Organizations can conduct routine employee wellness surveys to determine workers’ required tools for their well-being.

Encouraging workers to anonymously share any issues they may have with their mental health or general well-being is also a great initiative.

3. Authenticity & Transparency

Authentic and open messages will undoubtedly be a significant trend in corporate communications in 2022 and beyond. You must consistently utilize plain, concise, and captivating language in your conversations with personnel if you want to build meaningful and lasting relationships with them.

Include leadership team video messages in your internal company newsletter. Including audio and visual components will give your content more credibility, whether you’re outlining company issues or discussing your quarterly accomplishments.

Create virtual town halls where all staff members may interact with corporate managers in person, ask questions, and provide feedback at least once per month.

4. Add A Touch Of Humor

Humor is necessary for internal communications if you want to engage staff members and develop more sincere relationships with them.

Include GIFs in emails or company-wide newsletters can now appoint a virtual comic troupe to moderate your next town hall.

Organizing an online improv show or open mic night as a team-building exercise is also great.

Develop amusing survey questions for your staff to learn more about them. After that, test the team’s collective knowledge of one another by asking questions.

5. Include Visuals

Visual communication has a much higher engagement rate among workers than text-only communication. This is because when actual individuals convey a message in a video, it is viewed as more sincere, honest, and credible. And no, you don’t have to shell out thousands of dollars for a high-quality movie.

Everyone now has access to a high-quality, low-cost communication tool because of the quality of today’s mobile phones.

The next step is to make the content entertaining and engaging if you want your staff to engage with it. Add visual elements to your message, such as video, infographics, GIFs, etc., to achieve this. This makes it more likely that your team will interact with your message and read it.

6. Multi-Channel Communication

Trends in internal communication favor meeting employees where they are. The opposite is not valid. This necessitates using a range of channels by communicators, including employee apps for frontline personnel, intranets for administrative staff, Google chat channels for project managers, screens in production halls for manufacturing workers, and email newsletters for sales and management staff. But this does not imply that communicators must independently manage various other platforms or even separate channels.

With the rise of multi-channel intranets, communicators now have a single location to organize their messages, plan, manage, and distribute them to various target audiences across the channels where they will be most effective. Additionally, by using this technique, IC experts may assess the effectiveness of all their communication activities in one location.

Wrapping Up!

Internal communication is a critical factor in boosting the efficiency and working of an organization. In addition, through effective internal communication, employees can feel a genuine connection, increasing an organization’s business objectives.

Creating healthy internal communication is easier said than done. Still, we tried to make it easy for you through this blog that offers ideas around boosting internal communication.