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A lot of people can find suitable ways to co-parent if their romantic relationship has dissolved, or if they weren’t involved in one in the first place. However, others might find that this process is a lot harder to navigate, with each parent differing on the ideas of how their kids should be raised, or who is the more suitable person to act as the primary caregiver to their kids. This can result in stressful and emotional custody battles that can be hard to navigate, both for the adults and the children involved. If you have found yourself in circumstances like this, here are some suggestions that you might find helpful for getting through this situation.

  1. Get the Right Legal Representation

The first step is to make sure that you have great legal representation to make sure that you’re getting the best advice during custody proceedings. Your solicitors will be able to help you better understand the process and how to get the most out of it, and to make sure that your children are kept safe and have everything they need for stability. Look for recommended solicitors in your area, similar to these family solicitor firms in Cardiff, to help you get started with your custody procedures.

  1. Try to Remain Civil with the Other Parent

Although there might be tensions between you, it is important for the sake of your children that you try to remain civil with the other parent involved. You don’t have to spend more time with them than necessary, but see if you can come to some agreement between you on how you behave with each other in front of the children and make an effort not to criticize or bad-mouth one another in front of them, either. If this proves to be impossible, see if a trusted friend or relative can act as a mediator between you both so that you can keep contact with each other to a minimum.

  1. Spend as Much Quality Time with Your Kids as Possible

As stressful and upsetting as this custody battle might be for you, it’s just as hard for your children. They may struggle to understand what is happening around them and find the change in their circumstances to be difficult to process. It’s important to make sure that they understand that nothing that is happening is their fault and that they are loved by both parents. Try to spend as much quality time with them as possible to help them feel more secure. Trying to keep their routine as normal as possible during this time will also be beneficial. 

  1. Consider Counselling

You might also want to think about whether or not some counseling for your children could be useful for them at this time. Allowing them to speak to someone who is not a relative or has any bias toward the situation could help them process this better, and also provide a safe space for them to speak more freely about how their feeling, too. As a parent, you might also find that counseling for yourself can help you air your grievances and understand your emotions better, and perhaps even learn some useful coping mechanisms for your stress.

If you are going through a difficult custody battle, consider the tips above to help you get through it.