In some cases, the wrong person may have custody of a child. While it may be unfortunate, it is a problem that is all too common. If you are a parent, grandparent, or other loved one of a child, you may realize that the child’s current guardian may pose a danger to that child. Thankfully, the legal system includes specific remedies that can allow you to gain sole custody in such situations. Below are four reasons why you should pursue gaining custody of a child.


If you believe that the parent or guardian that currently has custody of a child is neglecting that child, you certainly have a very good rationale for arguing to gain sole custody instead. Neglect can come in many forms. Often it includes things like not giving a child the appropriate amount of food, drink, clothing, shelter, medical care, and other necessities. Courts will, of course, be very understanding if you present them with evidence that a child is being neglected. This can also include the intervention of Child and Family Services.

Child Abuse

Abuse takes it a step beyond neglect. Neglect is, of course, a form of abuse. However, in this context, abuse refers to physical and verbal abuse directed at a child. It’s not just withholding necessitates, it’s taking direct action to harm a child. If you believe your child is being abused by the current guardian with custody, certainly seek the intervention of law enforcement and discuss your case with a child custody lawyer.

Mental Illness

The mental state of the current parent or guardian can also be a reason to try to gain sole custody of a child. Mental illness, while not always a danger to the children in a guardian’s care, can lead to disastrous consequences if the issues go untreated and are allowed to manifest in unhealthy and dangerous ways. In certain cases, parents who are mentally ill have even murdered their own children. It’s wise to be concerned to the point of wanting to gain custody in such a scenario especially if the guardian has failed a mental health examination or shows signs of being a danger to themselves and others.

Drug Abuse

The abuse of drugs or alcohol is another solid reason to go to a lawyer about trying to gain sole custody of a child. A parent who is abusing drugs or alcohol has a high likelihood of abusing or neglecting a child. Regardless, children should not be in an environment in which drugs or alcohol are being abused. It can easily create an unsafe living situation that can lead to disaster.

These are only a few of the reasons why you may want to gain sole custody of a child. Overall, if you believe you believe you can provide a safer and healthier environment for that child to live and grow in over the parent that currently has custody, you may have a good argument to make in court. Discuss your options with an attorney and see what would be the best course of action when it comes to providing your children with a better living situation.