When you first married your spouse, you looked forward to raising a family and growing old together. Unfortunately, things changed quite a bit along the way, and you may now be considering getting a divorce. But like many spouses in this situation, you are still unsure if divorce is necessary. To figure out if it is indeed your best option, here are four signs that often indicate you should seek a divorce from your spouse.

Abuse Exists in Your Relationship
If your marriage contains instances of various types of abuse on a regular basis, there should be no doubt in your mind that divorce is absolutely necessary. While you may think this involves only physical abuse, it also pertains to emotional and verbal abuse. Though this is not always witnessed by others, ask your close friends or family who have observed your relationship if they think anything is awry. Chances are, they might have concerns as well. This can help you more confidently move forward towards healing. Rather than allow yourself to be subjected to ongoing abuse, it will be best to get divorced and seek a fresh start for yourself.

Different Life Goals
When you and your spouse got married, each of you probably thought you were on the same page as to what you wanted out of life. However, as you’ve gotten older, each of you may have realized you are on different life paths. For example, you may want children, while your spouse would rather focus on their career instead of a family. It’s important to understand if there is no way of negotiating or meeting in the middle. Once the two of you realize you have vastly different life goals, it’s time to meet with a divorce attorney and start the process of divorce.

A Lack of Intimacy
When you think of a lack of intimacy in a marriage, remember that this does not have to focus exclusively on a lack of sex. In fact, physical intimacy and emotional intimacy are often intertwined. If after much thought and discussion you realize your marriage lacks passion, excitement, and of course love, there is little doubt divorce should be seriously considered.

A Lack of Communication
Finally, couples who cannot communicate well with one another rarely find themselves in a happy marriage. Do you find that you and your spouse have little if anything to talk about around the dinner table, are always arguing with one another about issues big and small, or have different interests of which neither of you has any desire to discuss with one another? If this is the case, counseling might be a good option to sort things out. However, if you’ve tried all you can and still aren’t getting anywhere, getting divorced and moving forward with your life is probably your best option.

Since divorce is a life-changing experience, never take it lightly. By thinking hard about all aspects of your marriage and talking it over with your spouse as well as people you know and trust, you can make the best possible decision.