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Have you thought about adding an extension to your home? It’s one of these investments that’s a good idea no matter what stage of home ownership you find yourself at. If you have recently bought a property, it can give your mortgage a boost, or it can help you sell one more quickly. 

More Floor Space 

When you buy a property, you look at the house first and the value it provides. If a house has an eco-heating system, good insulation, and a modern kitchen, it’s an easy decision to make. However, not everyone considers the value of the outdoor space at the back of the property. 

The house is where you spend most of your time, but the land it’s built on is where the real value is; why not use the land to create more floor space for your family and make the home easier to sell? This is one of the primary benefits of building an extension of any description. 

Added Property Value 

One of the other main reasons for building an extension is to increase the property’s value. The is more demand for properties with more floor space which creates a higher asking price on the market. Extensions are one of the easiest ways to increase floor space and add market value. 

When it comes to extensions, you have several options; you can choose a conventional conservatory that extends the home at the back. These are available in square, rectangle, L-shape, or Victorian styles. Alternatively, you can have a garden room or butler steel buildings

Bespoke Designs 

Installing an extension is a personal project, and you can benefit from bespoke designs that allow you to choose internal fittings, insulation types, doors and windows, and more. This is an important aspect of installing an extension because it helps match the style of the home. 

If you buy a prefabricated extension for your home, you will work with the architect to design the extension ahead of time. The plans will be created on some software and signed off by you. The construction takes place in a warehouse, and the parts are delivered and assembled on site. 

More Family Space

With so many family members working from home these days, there is a need for more floor space to accommodate home offices, living space, and areas for entertainment. One of the best ways to create more floor space for your family is to add an extension like a conservatory. 

Conservatories make excellent extensions, they are modern, convenient, and boost the property’s value right away, but they are not the only option. Garden rooms are also popular alternatives; they sit away from the main building offering more privacy, perfect for an office.  

More Functionality 

Whether you need a quiet space to work during the day or an extra space to entertain your guests in the evening, extensions offer more functionality to the family home. Use an extension for any purpose, including working, entertainment, reading, cooking, or as a space for relaxation. 

Extensions are particularly well suited to colder climates because they increase the functionality of the home and utilize more of the garden when it’s not possible to enjoy the outdoor space. During the colder months, you can put up your feet and watch the season change in comfort. 

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Small Business Options 

Extensions are perfect for small businesses; they can be turned into guest bedrooms, an office for a home business, or a studio for training people or creating artwork. A home business of any kind is an excellent way to bring in extra income to help pay down the mortgage faster or earn. 

An extension is different from a room conversion, although this is another way to start a home business and earn an income. Unlike a room conversion, a home extension increases the floor space of the property extending its capabilities without any trade-offs and increasing the value. 

Moving Alternative 

If you are thinking of moving home to scale up your property, think again. Chances are there are plenty of ways you can increase the floor space and comfort of your existing property without remortgaging or packing things up. An extension might be a more convenient solution for you. 

Think about what you need from a new property. If you need more floor space, look into an extension or a garden room; at the same time, you can think about minimizing your lifestyle so that you have less clutter around and more organization. This creates a happier family home.