One of the most occupied rooms within a home is the bathroom. If there are children residing in the house, you need to do what is possible to keep this room safe while making it a fun area that involves personal hygiene tasks or chores. When kids think of the bathroom as a drag, they are likelier to make unsafe aspects their primary focus, leading to minor and severe accidents. However, you can keep the area safe, secure, and fun with preparation.

Remove Sharp Objects

Some of the biggest safety risks are razors, tweezers, scissors, and other sharp items that could lead to cuts, bruises, or damage to the walls and other bathroom areas. To avoid these issues, it would be best to remove all sharp objects and only bring the items when necessary while an adult monitors the kids.


Regardless of using rubber duckies, colorful sponges, foamy puppets, or bubbles, there are many ways to make bath time fun for kids and less stressful. Remember that some toys could cause harm, especially those with batteries. Therefore, it would best to avoid any electrical products when it comes to the bathtub; instead, use safe items, such as those mentioned previously, or bath books, water-proof cards, and other items that can intrigue your kids while they clean and take on bathroom tasks safely.


Merely changing your bathroom could add more fun and less safety risk. For example, adding locks to newly installed doors or grab bars could keep your kids secure and allow you to bring more items into the bathroom they can play with, minus the risk of dropping the products or falling out of the shower or tub while playing. Professionals at businesses like Midwest Bath Company can install bathtubs and showers, along with features that keep the room safe. You’ll want to consult with an expert before making any solid plans so they can evaluate what is possible for your space.


One of the best ways to prepare the bathroom for your kids is to monitor their movements, primarily for younger children who still require maximum or minimal supervision. Watching their actions could reduce the risk of injuries and severe accidents. Keep in mind that the management should not invade your child’s privacy. Merely checking in or saying their name and waiting for a response could be enough to keep your kids safe in the bathroom without disrupting their fun.

These tips help keep this particular room safe in the home and enjoyable for your children. Remember to consider the type of room you have, your children’s needs, the definition of fun, and safety measures when preparing any bathroom inside your house.