Imagine turning your own backyard into a vacation destination. You won’t have to spend a fortune in resorts when you bring the attractions to your home. An outdoor patio can give you, your family, and your friends hours of pleasure throughout the year. Find out how you can enhance your property on your own.

Pick the Ideal Location for Your Patio

You can place your patio right outside your back door. This is ideal if you don’t have a porch or deck. However, your patio can extend from your deck or porch if you have something in place. The closer it is to the house, the easier it is to bring out refreshments or slip inside when you need to grab something. If you would feel more comfortable having your grill farther away as a precaution, you can move farther away. A patio placed at a safe distance from your home is ideal when you want a fire pit.

Pick Your Materials for Your Patio Base

Check out your options for patio materials at your local home improvement store or concrete supplier. Flagstones can give your patio more character because they are not uniform in shape. Pavers and bricks offer you another option that are quick and easy. You can choose materials that have been cut in curved lines or go with a straight alternative. Use one solid color or a variety to jazz it up.

Prepare Your Area

Rope or twine will work when you want to mark off the area where your patio will be. You’ll need to use a garden shovel with sharp edges to remove the top layer of soil. Go down at least eight inches, making it deeper to accommodate thicker patio material. Line the dug area with landscape fabric to keep down weeds. Gravel makes a great base for your patio materials. It should be approximately 6 inches deep. Lay your patio material next in a pattern you prefer. You need to cover the surface with paver sand and sweep it into all the cracks. Water the sand to ensure it is lodged in between your paving material.

Dress Up Your Patio

It’s time to accessorize your outdoor space. You can line it with outdoor plants to add a splash of color. Place outdoor lights around the edges. Choose from white or colorful alternatives. Tiki torches will help you to keep the insects away. Consider setting up wooden posts on the corners to string outdoor lights. Add a pergola with a network of beams overhead if you like the idea of feeling like you have some coverage from the sun. Otherwise, an umbrella can offer you shade when you place it over your outdoor table and chair set. Scatter lounge chairs to provide everyone a place to relax.

Create an Outdoor Kitchen

Your patio can be more than a destination to chill. It can become your gathering place for meals when the outdoor temperature is right. Choose a variety of outdoor kitchen appliances to make cooking a breeze. Pellet grills offer you a heating service that is low maintenance. You can place your favorites on it and leave them alone for an extended period. You won’t be flipping the meat every few minutes. An outdoor pizza oven offers you versatility. You can make dessert, pastries, pizza, and steak. The choice is yours. Don’t forget an assortment of cooking tools, such as tongs and a spatula. Set a storage cabinet on the patio that can be left outside all year. You can stock it with paper products and plastic ware. Park a cooler nearby. If you want to take it up a notch, build a simple bar with stools and an umbrella. You won’t ever want to come inside.

A patio is an excellent addition to your home that will add resale value. More importantly, it will offer you an escape from work and responsibilities. When everyone else is heading off on a trip, you only need to take a few steps outside your back door. Enjoy it at its peak in the summer. Welcome spring, sit out by the fire pit on those crisp fall nights. Grill your favorite meal in the middle of winter. You’ll have a go-to getaway all year.