Whether you are hosting a dinner party for new friends, an intimate dinner with old friends, or want a night to treat yourself and your family to something extra special, here are a few must-haves to make the dinner a success.

Good Knives

You will inevitably need to cut things for the dishes you are serving or for guests and yourself. So, invest in good knives that feel comfortable in your hand and can safely cut into anything from chicken to bread.

At the very least, you will need a single knife for cutting; however, if you want to branch out and have big knives to share, you can always set up a station at your table and place the cutlery in attendance.

Cork Screws

Everyone likes having something to drink. The trick is ensuring guests get a good pour without spilling. As you place to surprise your guests with rare wine, ensure there are enough corkscrews to help open the bottles. You don’t want to spoil this aw-moment by fighting to open a wine bottle; let things run smoothly by getting corkscrews in advance.

Awesome Wine Glasses

Another great way to complement your dinner is to have matching wine glasses that fit your theme. Wine glasses are an excellent investment because you can use them for other beverages, such as water or juice. However, for this special dinner, it’s best to use them as intended, to serve wine.

Specifically, choosing wine glasses different from those you already have will give your dinner a new way to feel special. Also, if you have different kinds of wine during your dinner party, having the right glasses will ensure that everyone is picking up the “right” glass. Matching wine glasses is a great way to signify that it is time for fun; guests will also appreciate the gesture.


The proper cloth on your table can immediately transform the entire conversation. It can also be used to make a statement about your style, whether you choose to have patterns, floral or geometric patterns.

Working with the fabric you already have in your home or wardrobe will ensure that your dinner party is a success and feels like a celebration by the time it ends. Plus, if there is linen in your inventory, you can wash it and put it back on the table without purchasing anything new.


Table napkins are essential for ensuring your dining tablecloth stays intact. They are also great because guests can use napkins to clean up any spills or food that may happen during the dinner party. It would also seem rude not to offer your guest napkins. Don’t make your guest uneasy for fear of damaging their clothes with spills by denying them napkins.

If you find cotton or silk napkins troublesome, settle for paper napkins, as they will require any washing. Once your guests are done, they can always discard the napkins and save you the time and effort of washing used napkins.

Water Glasses

Everyone should have a glass of water or other beverage at their place setting. Elegant glassware will always make guests feel more comfortable. Also, unique glasses can be an icebreaker as guests may use them to start conversations.


While this is not a must, having matching flatware is a great way to add personality to your dining table. You can introduce different sets of knives and forks that match if you have different plates or serving pieces.

For example, if you are planning on serving a salad or pasta dish, it might be nice if everyone has just one fork for their meal—this will keep the food from getting stuck between the tines and increase the chances that guests will enjoy everything.

Finally, having a place setting for each dinner guest removes the need for guesswork. You and your guests can enjoy your time together. It will reduce the need for movement as you dine, allowing you to give enough attention to your guests.

Hosting dinner parties should not be as stressful as most people may assume. You must prepare the meal, ensure everything is set up, and let people arrive on time. Also, you may reach out to your guests to get an idea of their preferences to get everything right.