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Buying gifts for the holidays can cost a lot more than you expected. Even if you start out with a budget in mind, it’s easy to go over it when you factor in all of the people who give you gifts and expect one back in return. An easy way to save money is with gifts that you give to an entire family. Why buy individual gifts for each member when you can give them something they will all love that they can use together? Check out some of the top affordable gift ideas for your family.

Personalized Gifts

When you get personalized gifts for families, you let your loved ones know that you went the extra mile to find something just for them. Board games are one fun idea. You can pick out one that includes the family’s name on the front of a cover that looks just like a book they can display on their shelf. A pillow or ornament that has all of their names on it is another fun idea. You’ll also find prints that you can customize just for them that they’ll love to hang in their home. When you pick a personalized gift, just make sure you spell all of the names correctly.

Snack Package

A snack package gives you the chance to share some of your favorite snacks and others that your loved ones never tried before. One of the best things about this gift is that you can spend as much money as you want. If you need to cut back on costs, feel free to make a few different types of cookies or candies. They’ll love knowing how much effort you put into their gift. It’s just as easy to visit a grocery store and pick out a few different candy bars and salty snacks in individual packages that you tuck in a basket.

Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are another nice gift idea, especially when you pick one the whole family can use. You might pick out a box that comes with three or more books each month for a family with young kids. Parents will like reading those books with their kids. Some boxes come loaded with activities such as those that recreate the experience of an escape room at home. Other boxes come with a variety of seeds that they can plant in their garden and watch grow in the future. You can give a one-month subscription or sign up for six months to a year of boxes.

Popcorn Set

Is there anything better than sitting down to a movie with a bowl of fresh popcorn? You can stick to your budget when you choose this gift idea because you can pick up popcorn and different seasonings at any grocery store. Try adding the popcorn and seasonings to a bucket similar to those you get at movie theaters. Top off the gift with a copy of one of your favorite films. If you have more money to spend, you might give them a gift card to a streaming app or a movie theater.

Event Gifts

Another way to treat your family is with an event gift. Instead of giving them something they may not want or need, you give them something they can do in the future. Check with local museums and organizations for upcoming events such as festivals and carnivals. You can buy their tickets in advance and slip a little extra cash in to cover the cost of snacks and rides. Make sure that you buy enough tickets for the whole family and that you don’t forget anyone to avoid hurt feelings.

Follow Your Holiday Budget

The average American spent $998 on holiday gifts and supplies in 2021. Creating a budget in November is a good way to make sure you know how much you can afford to spend on your gifts and avoid going over. This also gives you two months to pick out the perfect gifts and make sure they arrive before the holidays. You don’t need to spend as much on gifts at other times of the year either because there are many options that work with your budget. Use any of the gift ideas on this list to give your family things they will love and treasure.