Building a gym routine is a wonderful way to clear your head, manage stress, and support your health for the long term. The right gear can make your workout more convenient and much more comfortable.

Here are six workout essentials that every woman needs.

Gym Bag

You can carry your gym stuff in a tote bag, but the risk of spills and smells will quickly become problematic. Make the investment in a water-resistant bag. This will capture odors from your dirty workout clothes and shoes. It will also keep your workout gear dry if you live in a rainy area.

If your workout is part of your morning routine and you change and dress at the gym, make sure you invest in a couple of suit hangers. Unless yoga pants and tees are part of your daily wardrobe, suit hangers will make it easy to transport an entire outfit to the gym and let you dress in something fresh and unwrinkled. Finally, if your workout bag will spend the day in your vehicle while you work, pay for the towel service.

Yoga Mat and Strap

Whether or not you ever take a yoga class, having your own mat is a great idea. With your own mat, you can stretch wherever you need to. You can do a modified plank when your back is bothering you. Best of all, standing on a mat means you can slip off your shoes and have a good grip while you do some standing stretches.

Add a strap and you can stretch your hips on your mat. You can also keep your mat rolled up and secure. Carry heavy-duty disposable wipes and a Ziploc bag so you can wipe your mat down before you roll it up to store.

Disposable Hygiene Wipes

Having disposable hygiene wipes with you during and after your workout can free up a lot of time. For example, if you stop for a barre class after your workday, you may not have time for a shower. You may also need to stop at the grocery store.

Hygiene wipes can be used on your workout gear, such as your yoga mat. You can also use them under your arms for a quick freshening as well as after using the bathroom. 

If you have sensitive skin, look for an unscented baby wipe with aloe to avoid irritation. But be aware that baby wipes are small; so be ready to use more than one.

Dirty Clothes Bag

Bring a mesh zippered bag to capture all dirty clothes after your workout. Depending on your access to laundry, you may need to stack your workout clothes for a mass laundering on the weekend. Do not store them in a plastic bag!

Consider getting a foldable clothes rack that you can use in your living space. Yes, your workout gear may have an odor. However, letting your workout clothing air out before you pack it up to take it to the laundromat is better for the fabric, fiber, and eventual fragrance of the garments.

Comfortable Workout Underwear

If you currently walk but are thinking about jogging, start trying out underwear and chafing cream. Some women prefer longer-line underwear, while others like a snug bikini fit with flat-fitting leg bands. 

Quality wicking socks can protect you from blisters, but everyone has their ideal fit. Be ready to test drive a variety of products to find the best fit for you.

Also, a quality nude sports bra will work with every tee. If you like a snug-fitting or lightweight workout tee, you want a bra that will not stand out. The right bra can also be worn without any tee at all!

Wicking Workout Outerwear

It may seem strange to buy special garments just to sweat in. However, garments designed for a modern woman’s workout will do these things:

  • Pull sweat from your skin to keep you cool
  • Avoid rubbing under the arms and at the groin
  • Reduce bacterial build-up and odor
  • Move with you

Be aware that different designers and manufacturers produce different shapes and sizes. What fits your friend may not work for you and the size that works for you in pants may not work for leggings. Be ready to try on different brands to find the best fit.


A well-stocked gym bag can allow you to get in a workout any time you need one. It’s been a stressful time! Give yourself a break with a relaxing yoga class or a high-energy dance class.