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The grand opening of your business will be the source of the first impression new customers will have of your store. It is an introduction to what you can offer them and an essential opportunity for you to sell your store to the public. With all the attractions, events, and promotions, you need to have a good plan for your store’s grand opening and follow through with it. Here is a checklist of things to do before the grand opening of your new business location to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Make an Announcement in Advance

Planning a grand opening and launching your business is exciting. However, you must let everyone know about your new business and its official opening date by announcing details about your business in advance. People need to know what industry you’re opening and when.

The more people are aware of your business, the more probable they will visit and make a purchase. Spread the word of your grand opening far and wide through press releases, fliers, and social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. You may even want to send out an E-vite so as to keep tabs on those attending your store’s grand opening and thank them for their support.

Furnish the Location for the Grand Opening

Now that you’ve announced the grand opening of your business, you will have to ensure everything is in place before the big day. The first thing you should do is see how the interior of your location looks. Does it need more lighting? Is the interior clean? Or do you need to slick it up with new paint or decorations?

Luckily, you can acquire custom wall decor, depending on the business you’re opening and the theme you’re going with. You may want to consider including a custom wall decor for people to take pictures infront of. 

In addition, a few days before your grand opening, you can hang up some balloons and streamers to get your guests in the mood for a good time with their family and friends. You can also install a photo booth or offer party favors to make your visitors feel at home.

Make it a Memorable Experience

Customers’ first impression of your store is crucial, so make sure you’re not leaving them with a terrible impression of your business. An excellent way to create a fantastic first-time impression for your potential customers is by organizing live entertainment during the grand opening. You can invite comedians, musicians, and magicians to entertain your guests. You can also have activities for children and adults, such as games or raffles that you can use during the opening hour on the day of the grand opening.

Additionally, you can hold a sale or a contest that coincides with the grand opening. For instance, you could have a raffle of best-dressed first-time parents and provide clothes, family photos, and even customized mugs for the lucky winner. You can also provide coupons for discounts on items on sale or offers that are just right for them.

Don’t Spend All Your Money on the Grand Opening

According to Forbes, the best time to promote your business is before you’ve officially opened it. This will gain you a little more publicity and boost the public’s interest in your store’s opening. However, you should not spend all your money on the grand opening, as it can be costly.

Instead, spend most of your money on your business’s primary needs, such as equipment and advertising. You can save a few bucks to buy decorations to make things pop during the grand opening. This way, you’ll set an excellent example of what your business is achieving and let everyone know that you’re worth their hard-earned dollars.

Ensure the Event is Legal

You should research and be well-informed on the laws and regulations in your state, county, and municipality. It’s a good idea to check these out before your grand opening so you can complete all necessary paperwork for a smooth opening once guests arrive.

Furthermore, hiring security personnel and closing off the area near your grand opening is another important consideration that will help the event run smoothly. This is because a host of outside factors can come into play, such as traffic and even people who are parked illegally or drinking alcohol in an area where they’re not allowed.


The grand opening of your business is an excellent opportunity to promote and advertise your store. However, if you don’t plan carefully, you can end up with a wrong first impression. Ensure you have the supplies and equipment before the big day to put on a great show for everyone.