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Your precious newborn means everything to you, and you want to be doubly sure that every baby product you buy is safe, good and gentle for infants. Their young skin is sensitive and delicate, so it is important to educate yourself before purchasing topical formulas, clothing, etc. Shopping experts are sharing their tips on how to choose the best baby products.

1. Carefully Read The Labels

It’s easy to be attracted to the colorful packaging on most baby products and to believe that every item made for newborns is safe, but unfortunately, they are not. The sound advice here is to read the labels carefully. For instance, if your baby has seborrheic dermatitis, try and find topical products that are most natural and safe for your newborn such as products for cradle cap. Here, you will find thoughtfully chosen ingredients that are soothing, hydrating and hypoallergenic. You want to avoid products that contain potentially harmful formulas in dyes and chemicals like parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.

2. Say No To Artificial Fragrances

Here’s another tip to consider. Artificial fragrances do not belong in your newborn’s topical products, so toss those aside. Your baby’s skin is tender at this time, and any synthetic fragrances can cause issues for some newborns. Diaper rash is one of those conditions that can occur when fragrances are used in a product that touches a baby’s sensitive areas.

3. The Right Fabrics Matter To Baby

When it comes to baby apparel, you will be excited shopping for those items and all of the adorable outfits you can purchase as your precious one grows and grows fast. Shopping pros recommend cotton fabric as the most popular because it is gentle to a baby’s delicate skin, soft, and highly absorbent. Cotton jersey knit is another favorite fabric that doesn’t pill, is breathable, and stretchable. Ultra-soft bamboo rayon fabric is also an ideal material for swaddles, blankets, hats, and clothing.

4. Look For The Safety Standards

Here’s another area of concern when buying baby products that may have mechanical features, for example. You want to look for items that have been tested and wear the safety standard label that should be featured on the product packaging.

Compliance with safety standards is very important so that parents can give their newborn a product that provides a high level of safety and the utmost comfort. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has some advice for parents on regulations that are in place.

5. Always Read The Instructions

When it comes to assembling a baby product and then using it and maintaining it, shopping experts have some simple advice: Take the time to always read the manuals. Even a product that has been carefully designed and manufactured can malfunction. The last thing you want to see happen is an injury to your precious, little one.

6. Choose Age-Appropriate Baby Toys

Granted, newborns won’t be attracted to toys right away, but a simple rattle is one item that infants can look at and listen to while a parent holds it for them. Pediatricians say that by age three to six months, babies are able to grasp toys and enjoy baby rattles that make noise.

It’s essential to buy only age-appropriate baby toys, and the recommended age for use of a product should be clearly specified on the packaging. Toys are made for a baby’s developmental stages. There are toys that help with motor and sensory skills, etc. Make sure that there aren’t any small parts of a toy that can cause choking hazards as babies like to put things in their mouths.

7. Consult Your Baby’s Doctor

It doesn’t hurt to reach out to your newborn’s pediatrician whenever you have a question about a baby product. Consult with your infant’s doctor, and put your mind at ease. They know plenty and may have their own recommendations of products and brands to consider.

Closing Thoughts

Giving a newborn nothing but the very best is what parents aim to do. Your adorable baby means the world to you, and ensuring that your precious, little one is safe and comfortable at all times is key. Use the helpful guidelines above before making your favorite, baby product purchases.