Look no farther than the state’s numerous waterways if you’re searching for a way to unwind and have fun while travelling around California! California’s lakes, rivers, and oceans are the perfect places for various recreational pursuits. Here, we’ll look at five of the top water activities you can do in the Golden State. So, get your sunscreen and swimsuit ready, and let’s go!

The diverse scenery of California is one of its most prominent qualities. You can discover almost anything in this state, including lovely water spots. There is undoubtedly a place for you, whether you want to enjoy the beach waves or want to cool down in a lake or river. Here are the top five water activities you should try while visiting California:

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is an incredible aquatic activity if you’re an adventurer. Undoubtedly, diving to the ocean floor is a delightful method to encounter marine life up close.

California is a fantastic location for scuba diving because of its clean seas and abundant marine life. In addition to Santa Cruz Island, Santa Catalina Island, and Monterey Bay, there are several other scuba diving locations around the state. Scuba diving is one of the top water sports you can do in California if you’re seeking adventure.


Parasailing is a fantastic sport for anyone wishing to take the California coastline from a bird’s eye view. You soar above the ocean when parasailing while being towed by a boat. Couples and families of all ages may participate in this enjoyable recreation together.

Lake Tahoe, Long Beach, and Dana Point are just a few California locations where parasailing is popular. Parasailing is unquestionably one of the most fantastic water sports you can engage in if you’re seeking a distinctive way to experience the California coastline.


One of the better options if you’re searching for a more relaxing water sport is kayaking. Kayaking is a terrific method to explore California’s numerous rivers since it lets you go across the water at your own speed.

California has several locations for kayaking, including Newport Beach, South Lake Tahoe, and Morro Bay. Suppose you’re looking for a calm activity to enjoy the state’s rivers. In that case, kayaking is possibly one of the most tranquil water activities you can participate in.

Whitewater Rafting

One of California’s most famous river rafting locations is the American River. For rafters of all skill levels, this river’s South and Middle Forks are the best sections to choose from. The Middle Fork American River rafting is a little more challenging and ideal for those seeking an adrenaline boost.

South Fork American river rafting is the way to go if you want a gentler ride. This section of the river is appropriate for families or inexperienced rafters due to its moderate flow and lack of rapids. Whatever area of the American River you choose to raft down, you will have a terrific time.

Jet Skiing

Jet skiing is a well-known water sport that is fun all year long, but it is most delightful when the sun is out, and you can feel its warmth.

It is a good summer pastime for people of all ages and the entire family. It’s incredibly thrilling to regulate your speed while riding the waves, and the salty breeze will help you relax. It’s easy to learn how to operate a jet ski, and controlling your speed and direction is comparable to handling a car or a motorcycle in a video game. Amazingly cool, really easy, and a lot of fun!

There are several places to enjoy jet skiing in California, including San Diego Bay, Marina Del Rey, and Big Bear Lake. Jet skiing is a sport you can partake in if you’re searching for a fun way to access the state’s rivers.

Check out one of these incredible water activities if you’re searching for a memorable and exciting way to explore California! You won’t be disappointed!


There are many great water activities that you can enjoy when travelling through California, ranging from rafting, kayaking, or even scuba diving. There is an activity for everyone, whether they want adrenaline or a more laid-back experience. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and enjoy the state’s amazing waterways!