When it’s time to upgrade your room, do not bypass the thought of adding a fun and spacious look that appeals to you and other residents. A good idea for more function is to use an aesthetic appeal to help the room stand out without looking uncomfortable. Below are some tips you should consider when upgrading your bedroom. 


The photos should be printed or polaroid when adding images to your walls. However, keeping the significant spacing between the pictures would be best. A clutter-free wall allows the photos to stand out while bringing décor and life to the bedroom. Using black and white images or photographs with minimal color would be an excellent idea. To accent the features, you should add colorful pillows on the bed, or a few accessories on the dresser, desks, or floor, such as a throw or trash can.


The decorative lighting system in your bedroom can be updated to give the room the aesthetics and function you crave. The lighting can be warm with decorative lamps. For instance, a projection lamp can display a sunset color and shape, or you can hang a string of white lights across the headboard or down one side of the wall. If you have decided to add a story-telling appeal to your room or want the feel of nature, you can add a lamp shaped like a tree with lights as the branches and leaves. These lamps come in various shapes and sizes, based on your preferences and room size.

Maintain Mattress Function

For a more aesthetic upgrade, add a colorful pillow or two with a design on the front, such as an eyebrow, trees, or just a color swirl. To maintain function with beds, including those with Beautyrest Mattresses, the furniture should be used solely for sleeping and occasional sitting, not as a storage space or extra clutter. It is also an excellent idea to place the mattress in a room that keeps traffic clear, as opposed to making the area chaotic.

Sticky Notes

Instead of hanging portraits on the wall, you can use this option for more appeal. Choosing an empty wall in the bedroom makes the area look more spacious. Sticky notes are often used for quick messages or essential reminders amongst workers, students, or parents, but these notes can be used to upgrade your room with an aesthetic appeal. When choosing the design, selecting shades that allow your room to look colorful but cute would be an excellent idea.

These bedroom aesthetic and functionality features can make the view comfortable. Remember that the upgrades can be affordable and personal, pleasing your eye and budget.