If you are in the process of selling your home, you know how competitive today’s housing market has become within the past year. Thus, if you don’t want your home to languish on the market month after month, you will need to do everything possible to make your home stand out once it is listed. If you’re ready to get serious about selling your home quickly and for the highest price, consider these four unique additions that you should make to your residence.


When potential buyers first look at your home, you want them to be able to envision themselves sitting around and relaxing with friends. To make this happen, add a patio to your home. Even if your patio is small, you can make it more appealing by including a retractable awning in the mix. By doing so, your patio will be able to be used on hot days, rainy days, and all the days in between.

Garage Floor

If you want to make your home’s garage stand out from others that may have already been seen by buyers who are interested in your home, invest in epoxy garage flooring. This is an easy project that you can make a DIY project over a weekend, and it will not only make your garage floor much more colorful but also make it easy to clean and provide a level of protection against staining.

Exterior Lighting

A great addition you can add to many areas around your home, exterior lighting is one feature more and more homebuyers want to see included in their dream home. In fact, next to a patio, exterior lighting is the unique addition that is most often sought out by buyers. Whether you combine spotlights, walkway lights, or beautiful pendant lights, you’ll make your home look more beautiful and also add a level of security that buyers will appreciate.

Smart Home Technology

Whereas in the past, you may have had to wait until you got home from work to turn on lights, adjust your home’s thermostat, and even turn on your television, today’s homes can now be equipped with smart technology that makes this a reality. Once you show potential buyers a few of the state-of-the-art features they can control by simply downloading an app to their phone, they’ll be even more eager to meet your asking price and sign on the dotted line.

No matter which of these additions your home includes, your home will stand out from the competition and sell much faster than you anticipated.