If you are a pet lover, you probably can’t wait to get home to them. The companionship these animals offer is wonderful. Sadly, leaving your pet at home all day can make you worried for their well-being. How can you keep your pet safe and occupied while you are away? Read on to learn some useful tips. 

Give Them Interactive Toys

Toys will effectively keep your pet distracted and entertained while you are away. This is also a great way for them to stay active. Interactive toys may include chew toys, treat dispensing toys, popsicles, and puzzle toys, to name a few. As a caution, make sure the toy you select is safe to avoid choking. You can also install a video surveillance system to monitor their moves remotely. This is a great way to see which toys they enjoy most and if they’re safely playing with them. 

Turn On the TV

The sound and screen of the TV can be comforting to your pet, as long as it’s on the right channel. Choose a relaxing, laid-back program. Make sure if you leave the television on that you keep the volume at an appropriate level for your pet, and neighbors! 

Play Soothing Music

If it is not TV, your pet’s other background noise could be music. Dogs particularly love gentle music. Therefore, before you leave, create a playlist that brings a calming effect. Music can actually reduce stress and barking, as well as lower respiration rates. Some genres you can consider are slow reggae, soft rock, and classical/country music.

Provide Adequate Exercise

Exercise will not only make your pet healthy but also keep boredom away. Before you leave for work, you can get your dog out for a run or a long walk. On the contrary, if you don’t exercise your dog, it can lead to anxiety, stress, and other aggressive behaviors. Therefore, if you don’t want your pooch to scratch or disassemble your couch because of loneliness, get them enough exercise.

Buy A Cozy Bed

Depending on the pet’s temperament, some pets will spend a huge part of their day sleeping. This is particularly true if there’s no one around. That said, make sure you get a plush dog bed so that they can sleep when you are away at work. A good dog bed should be made of soft fabrics or orthopedic foams.

Pets are intelligent. If you practice the tips mentioned above, they will certainly adapt to your work schedules. Eventually, they’ll learn and develop a habit of these methods to keep them engaged while you are away for work.