Sustainable living is one of the key strategies to save the environment, reduce pollution and increase the quality of life. Several factors determine whether you are leading a sustainable way of life, from the food you consume, the means of transport, the grocery packaging, and the type of fuel energy. Below are some of the best ways to live more sustainably.

1. Recycling

Recycling is critical in attaining sustainable environments as it helps protect ecosystems, conserve resources, reduce waste and pollution, and eliminate non-biodegradable materials. By reusing materials such as plastics that would otherwise pollute the environment, you will be mainly contributing to the protection of natural ecosystems. 

It will also be instrumental in the reduction of waste that is transferred to landfills, protects wildlife, and reduces the pollution caused by the extraction of raw materials. It is therefore vital that you take advantage of any form of recycling opportunity to save the environment.

2. Composting

Instead of taking food scraps to a landfill, why not find your local composting service and start dumping all of your vegetable and fruit garden waste? It’s rewarding for the environment as well as for your garden. You can also buy a compostable bag to help you dispose of the food remains and later take them to the farms where they can be of importance.

3. Adopt Fuel-Efficient Transport Modes

One of the fundamental ways to live a more sustainable life is to switch to fuel-efficient vehicles. The carbon emission from engines harms the environment and depletes the ozone layer. With the rising production of electric vehicles, you can now easily help protect the environment while saving on fuel costs. 

Other options that can help you live a more sustainable life include shifting to cycling as a means of getting around, which not only keeps the environment clean but also helps you become physically fit.

4. Organic Gardening

Instead of using chemical-based fertilizers, use organic fertilizers or compost in your garden or backyard. If you are keen on planning a new garden, you could try companion planting, which will help boost the growth of plants while keeping away pests and diseases. 

You can throw all the products that decompose in the garden to add nutrients to the soil, helping decrease pollution and increase productivity.

5. Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

In case it is too expensive to employ the use of solar energy, it is much easier to boost your home’s energy efficiency as this will help in reducing consumption while cutting down on costs. 

One of the ways to make your house more energy efficient is to employ weatherstripping or increase insulation. Ensure that you cover or seal any holes and vents that may cause your home to use more energy and raise the bills. Another strategy to attain sustainability is to use energy star-rated products since they are designed to use much less energy and help you save more.

6. Go Paperless

Going paperless has proven to be a sustainable way to live, especially with the adoption of technology and digital processing of information. The benefit of going paperless is that it helps in the reduction of carbon footprint. It helps in environmental conservation as it helps deforestation and tree cutting to produce more paper.

7. Consider an Alternative Source of Energy

Investing in alternative forms of energy is an excellent method to cut electric bills and reduce overreliance on electricity. Solar energy provides a renewable source of energy that is economical after the initial cost of implementation. 

Once you have determined the effectiveness of the solar energy system, you can shift to disconnecting from the local power grid and cut off any costs associated with electric bills.

8. Engage in Agriculture and Go-Green Strategies

Having your garden in the backyard where you grow different kinds of food and water them when necessary is a creative way to live a sustainable life. The garden will help you save money while providing an essential source of healthy farming and the use of sustainable home goods. You can also plant trees which will, in turn, reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.


With the global pursuits to create sustainability and the inception of movements such as the go green movements, it is possible to achieve sustainability through small efforts and proper strategies. There are several tips on attaining sustainability, and the above tips are some of the best ways to attain this goal.