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When you have an event coming up, you want the attendance to be good. Whether it’s a free event or something people will be paying for, you likely have a specific goal in mind. The more people that show up, the better able you are to meet or even exceed that goal. Of course, no one will show up if they don’t know about the event. Knowing how to quickly prepare flyers for your next event gets the word out faster.

Design Two Flyers

You need to design at least two flyers, why? It will come in handy later. However many designs you come up with, they need to accomplish three things. First, they have to command immediate attention. Second, they have to tell people what the event is and why they should attend. Third, they need to know how to get tickets, make reservations, or just know the date and time.

Have Them Printed

Whether your design is finished or not, head over to Printmaster LLC or your neighborhood print shop. They might be able to do the final design for you or help you finish it. Then, they can consult you about the best kinds of paper to use and whether you should go black and white or full color based on your budget.

Distribute Them

Get the flyers out there. You might do some as a direct mail campaign, or you can just go around handing them out and putting them on windshields. Do what it takes to get as many flyers distributed as quickly as possible, but also try to do it in places where you’ll interact with people who might be interested in your event.

A/B Testing

If you had two different flyers for a first run, then you might want to have different websites people can visit about your event. QR codes are a great thing to put on flyers. If you can do anything to determine the response rate to each flyer, then you’ll know which one is more effective. You can use that flyer for the rest of your printing and distribution to hopefully generate more turnout.

Events need crowds to be successful, but people won’t show up without knowing about the event. Flyers are a tried-and-true marketing method for local upcoming events. However, you might be able to use modern technology to incorporate A/B testing for maximum flyer effectiveness.

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