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It’s not easy being a working mom. Juggling all of your parental responsibilities with all of your work duties can leave you zapped of energy and frantically trying to spin too many plates at once. It can sometimes feel like you are losing your mind!

The good news is, there are lots of things you can do to stay sane as a working mom with a lot on your plate, including the following:

Working a job you love

Okay, so you might not be able to do this immediately, but if you can swing it so that you do a job you love, whether that be one of the many home care jobs that let you choose a flexible schedule, a career in the arts or running your own business, will help you to stay sane because if you enjoy what you do, even when things get hard, it is much easier to cope and keep perspective.

Put yourself first

You cannot, as they say, pour from an empty cup. So, although you need to take care of the kids and do your job, be sure to build something into each day that is just for you; something that will help you to relax and rejuvenate, whether that be reading a good book, hitting the gym, hanging out with your pet or something else entirely. Make sure you are okay and it will not only keep you sane but also give you the strength you need to do your mom duties and be on point at work.

Make a plan

Buy a daily planner and use it to organize everything you need to do in a day into manageable chunks that allow your life to flow as easily as possible. It won’t always work because when you have kids things can always go wrong and plans can always change, but for the most part, it will enable you to get through your day with more ease, more grace, and more of your precious sanity intact.

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Delegating or outsourcing as many of the tasks you need to complete as you can, from cooking and learning to dog walking, will mean that you have more free time to relax, spend time with your family, and generally enjoy life. As well as paying for services, ensuring that all of the family pitch in to help with everyday tasks will mean that you get a bit more of a break, and it will teach your kids the value of working hard to support a family too.

Don’t do more than you need to

When you’re a hard-working mom, it can be tempting to pick up more of the slack than you really need to whether at home or work, It’s easy to stay behind to finish that project that a colleague has left too late or to tidy your teen’s bedroom because it’s messy, but if it’s not your responsibility, don’t be responsible for it and look after your self first.

Staying sane when you have kids to take care of and a busy job to work is far from easy, but you can keep your sanity, and the above ideas should definitely help you with that.