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Proposing to your partner during the summer provides you with the opportunity to pop the question on a romantic vacation or in a stunning natural setting. Following some tips can help to ensure that this day is one you and your soon-to-be spouse will always remember and cherish. 

Have a Backup Plan 

Getting engaged outdoors is a beautiful way to show affection for your partner. You could select a spot that the two of you love to visit. While the temperatures are likely to be warm during the summer months, do keep in mind that a major storm, such as a hurricane, could spoil your plans. A little drizzle is unlikely to cause serious setbacks and can even add to the mood. However, keep your eyes on the forecast. If the big day is coming up and the weather looks bad, start getting a backup plan in the works. 

Invite Loved Ones 

You know your partner the best. If you think your partner would appreciate having certain family members or friends present at the proposal, call these individuals to ask them to attend. Make sure you are asking only those individuals who can keep a secret. If you took a friend with you to look at engagement rings, this person might be a good individual to ask to participate in the proposal. You could even have your loved ones participate in helping with the surprise. When selecting a ring, ask for the help of those who are close to you. Getting multiple opinions will help you find one that will align with your loved one’s style. 

Hire a Photographer 

Since you have the opportunity to get engaged in front of a gorgeous backdrop during the summer months, you can hire a photographer to document the moment. The best idea is to hire a photographer who specializes in capturing proposals. This type of photographer will likely have ideas and strategies for blending into the background so that your partner does not get suspicious. 

Celebrate With a Meal 

After you propose, you can go out to celebrate with a meal. Consider a place that has majestic views of the mountains or a body of water. If you’re planning to involve loved ones in the proposal, you could ask them to meet you at the restaurant so that your partner gets to have a second surprise of the day. 

No matter when you choose to get engaged, you can plan an unforgettable day for your partner. If you want to propose in the summer, you’ll have the chance to make use of nature’s abundance and to create a truly romantic atmosphere.