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You should never fall behind on your home’s upkeep if you want to continue to live in a safe setting that’s suitable for you and your family. The proper maintenance can help your home last longer and may prevent certain problems that could make your personal abode hazardous and less valuable. You’ll be doing what’s best for yourself, your family and your home by following these home maintenance tips.

Tend to Your Gutters

You shouldn’t take your home’s gutters for granted, as your gutter system works to keep the sides of your home and foundation dry and prevent water damage that could make your home’s structure more vulnerable. By cleaning your gutters in the spring and autumn and checking your gutter lines regularly for dents or other damages, you can keep your entire gutter system intact better and prevent water overflows that could harm your home’s exterior walls and foundation. The downspouts should also be checked for clogs and damages.

If you want to clean your gutters less and keep more of the fallen leaves, dirt and other debris out of your gutter system, a gutter guard can provide adequate coverage. You can find great gutter guards 5 inch models that narrow the openings to your gutters to allow water to get into them while blocking out large debris.

Check for Leaks Regularly

Leaks from faucets and pipes could happen suddenly and cause water damage if the leaks aren’t fixed quickly. Water that leaks in your home could also raise your water bill considerably and also increase your electrical costs if hot water is leaking. In a worst-case scenario, a leak can lead to indoor flooding that results in major water damage to your home along with the loss of possessions that may not be replaceable.

To check for leaks, you should pay close attention to your faucets and observe them when they’re off to see if any water drips from them. You should also inspect your pipelines to look for cracks or other breaks or hire a plumber to do the work for you. A toilet would leak as well, so you should check the floor around the toilet for any moisture or look for stains or damages on your bathroom floor that might indicate a leaky toilet.

Add Touch-up Paint Wherever It’s Needed

Different parts of your home’s exterior and interior may have chipped or missing paint that can be easily fixed with a little touch-up paint. Adding some touch-up paint can be considerably cheaper than having your entire home repainted, and you can make walls, ceilings and other surfaces look considerably better if you apply the touch-up paint correctly.

Before you paint, it’s important that you find a paint color that matches the current paint on your surfaces. The area where you plan to paint should also be cleaned and prepped so that the paint goes on correctly. When you’re ready to paint, you can apply just enough paint to do the job to a paint brush or roller. By starting in the middle of the spot you want to paint and working your way to its edges, your touch-up paint will be applied more evenly.

Inspect for Pests

Rodents, bugs and other pests may be living in your home and wreaking havoc without you realizing it. If pests are allowed to persist, they can seriously damage the wood, insulation and other materials of your home. Pests that chew through wires can also cause electrical fires. Many pests are also known to carry diseases that could make everyone in your household sick.

A pest problem isn’t always easy to spot, but you can look for some telltale signs of a pest infestation. Some of these signs include:

  • Holes or gnaw marks on walls or other surfaces
  • Rotting, urine or other unusual odors
  • Pest droppings
  • Damaged wires
  • Discarded wings or limbs
  • Torn or missing insulation material

If you discover pests in your home, you can either try to remedy the problem yourself by setting traps or using pesticides or call pest control experts to rid your home of these creepy, crawly creatures.


Your home and your family will thank you if you do all the maintenance work that’s needed. The right products can help you maintain your home, and you can also count on professional help whenever it’s needed.