Life is truly a gift. When you’re able to maximize the time you have in this life, there’s so much you can experience in order to reach your full potential. As you work to create the right schedules, you might experience a few gaps in your free time. Instead of overscheduling yourself, use those free gaps to infuse a bit of spontaneity into your life. If you’re not sure of any ideas surrounding how to be spontaneous with your free time, consider the following tips.

Read at a Coffee Shop

Even if you’re someone who takes a week to read two chapters, don’t negate the power of reading. You don’t need to be a voracious reader in order to be considered a reader. Whether it’s a romantic novel or a self-help book, you can get yourself to read by finding what interests you and the environment that lets you focus. A lot of people find that environment somewhere cozy or where they have access to food and drink, like a restaurant, cafe, or coffee shop. The amazing smell of coffee while getting invested in a good book can be an enjoyable experience for many people. Head over to the local coffee shop, somewhere like the Gravity Coffee Company, order a drink, and sit to read your book during your free gap. It’s an excellent way to break up the monotony of a simple routine as well.

Exercise Where You Can

If you have to attend a meeting and won’t have time to shower, skip the workouts that leave you drenched in sweat. Instead, consider a stretching session or a brisk walk in the neighborhood. By moving your body, you’ll improve your heart health, release stress, and much more.

Find Investment Opportunities

Investing is important because retirement will happen one day. As you get older, you won’t want to work at a labor-intensive job for eight hours each day. Instead, find ways to invest. Whether you opt to try the dollar-cost averaging method or trade through the foreign exchange market, spend some time checking your investments.

Check on Someone in Need

So many people suffer from loneliness. They feel lonely because they don’t get regular phone calls, and they don’t have close friends. This is more common than most people realize. Instead of assuming that a friend or loved one is okay, take the time to give them a call. Remind them that they’re loved, and you’re thinking of them. This can make a world of a difference for someone suffering from loneliness or depression.

When you’re able to track your daily progress and cross items off of your to-do list, this can be a pretty gratifying experience. However, when you’re able to check on a person and make their day better, this can be equally gratifying. Never underestimate the power of a quick stretch, a call to a loved one, or a chapter of that book you’ve been meaning to read. As you use your free time to spontaneously connect with yourself or other people, your schedule might feel more worthwhile.