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Buying a motorcycle lets you hit the open road whenever the opportunity arises. There is nothing better than feeling the roar of the engine between your legs as you jet off down the highway. While some shoppers stick to new motorcycles, used models can help you save quite a bit of money. They give you the same freedom as a new model does but also help you stick to your budget. Whether you plan to buy a family motorcycle from a private seller or a dealer, make sure you check out the top tips that will help you make the right purchase.

Inspect the Bike

This sounds like a simple tip, but it might surprise you to know how many motorcycle shoppers do not inspect the bikes they buy. They think that hearing the engine purr and seeing the bike in action tells them all they need to know. You always want to inspect the bike cold, which means that it wasn’t running in the last few minutes. The bike should feel cool to the touch. You can examine the bike for damage and then turn it on to listen for common issues. Many bikes have issues that you can’t hear until they start up.

Dealer vs. Private Sales

Comparing the prices between dealers and private sellers when shopping for used motorcycles VT is a good way to see which one offers the best deals. Checking the ads and listings in your city is a good way to see how much private sellers charge and the bikes they sell. You may find that dealers offer better deals and lower prices though. Dealers also have a bigger inventory and can help you choose the right bike for your family. They often let you trade in an old bike you no longer need and can negotiate prices with you.

Go for a Test Drive

You would never buy a new car without taking it for a test drive, and you should not buy a motorcycle without testing it either. The test drive lets you see how the bike handles. Depending on where you shop, you may need to leave your driver’s license or a credit card behind as collateral to show that you will bring it back. Start slowly on surface streets around the city and then hit the highway. You want to see how the bike handles and feels at the same time that you listen for potential problems.

Get Paperwork

Before buying a used motorcycle, ask for any paperwork that comes with it. Maintenance records let you see how well the former owner took care of it and if it had any major repairs in the past. The paperwork also gives you the VIN, which you can use to check the bike. Not only do you want to know if it was in any crashes, but you’ll also want to see if it has a clear title. Private sellers may try to sell bikes without a title and claim that you can easily get a new one. Doing a VIN check lets you see if the person selling it stole the bike.

Set the Price

Spending more money than you should on a bike can cost you even more money in the next few years. Before you start shopping, decide how much your family can spend on a motorcycle. Keep in mind that the buyer is also responsible for paying taxes and fees on the bike as well as the title transfer fee if they buy from a private seller. If you cannot afford to buy the right motorcycle, go through a dealer. Many dealers offer in-house financing or can help you get financing through a lender. Buying a used bike that needs some work can help you save money on the amount you spend today, but make sure that you can afford all of the repairs it needs.

Buy a Family Motorcycle

Buying a family motorcycle lets you take your spouse or child with you on the open road. As long as everyone wears helmets, they will stay safe. Though buying used helps you save money, you need to know how to find the right bike. Some of the tips you can use include taking it for a test drive and going over all of the paperwork.