Almost everything people own needs repair at one time or another. Many of these repairs you can do yourself, but others require a more experienced hand to get them back into service. Here are a few of the common repairs you can do yourself, and some others that you should hand off to a professional that do the task safely and right.

Repairs You Can Probably Do Yourself:

Repair a Torn Screen

A torn screen can be easily replaced with new screening from your local home improvement store and a few tools. Having a helper will allow you to stretch and secure the screening more easily.

Fix A Leaky Faucet

A dripping faucet can not only drive you crazy but also cost you hundreds of dollars on your water bill. A few tools and a repair video are all you need to replace and tighten the internal parts of the faucet for leak-free operation.

Patch Up Your Lawn

You can perform a neat patch of bare areas in your lawn by first determining the type of grass you have. Till the topsoil with a rake and remove as many weeds as possible. Then, sow the seeds or set the sod, and water the area generously several times each week.

Repairs You Should Leave to the Proficient:

Electrical Work

An outlet that isn’t working or is sparking dangerously should be left to a qualified electrician who understands these systems and how to do the work safely. Getting it wrong can lead to costly rewiring.

Computer and Smartphone Repairs

The internal parts of your phone are very delicate, and attempting to do a repair could lead to an even costlier remedy. In addition, a repair professional will use only high-quality parts to ensure the iPhone repair will last for a significant amount of time.

Garage Door Repairs

Garage doors involve complex mechanisms and heavy weights that can lead to injury if not done properly. It’s worth the cost to contact a reputable garage door repair company to do the job, so the result is both safe and effective.

Even if you are experienced in doing simple repairs, you shouldn’t get overconfident about tackling more complex tasks that might need specialized knowledge. Doing so may cause you an even greater expense to undo the damage you’ve done. It is well worth the cost to have these tasks done professionally to achieve the best results.