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A home needs to be actively maintained. If you ignore this responsibility, very bad things can happen. It can result in problems far more troublesome and dangerous than completing simple home maintenance tasks. Overall, it’s always good to inspect certain parts of your home that you may commonly ignore to find problems before they become bigger issues.

Basement Inspection

One place you should spend time inspecting a few times a year is your basement. Most people do not spend a lot of time in their basements. As a result, basements can develop serious problems that are often not detected until it is too late. Things you should investigate in a basement include your sump pump, any insulation, plumbing, and the ceiling. While you’re in the basement, inspect the foundation for any signs of foundation issues such as cracks or stains. Check wood for any damage such as sagging or decay. Try to spot moisture issues and solve them immediately.

Attic Inspection

Similarly, the attic isn’t entered very often by most homeowners. Not inspecting it for issues is a serious mistake. Examine around penetrations into the roof for stains. See if you can find any signs of damage or decay in the wood and the rest of the structure. Make sure there is proper ventilation and that the insulation is in good shape and installed in the right places.

Roof Repair

Another part of your home that should be routinely inspected for issues is your roof. Roof problems must be repaired immediately.  If they aren’t, the liquid could find its way into your room. Issues like rotting wood and mold growth could put your entire home at risk. Check to see if any shingles are missing, bent, flaking, or molding. Flashing should be around all roof penetrations. Gutters should be free of debris, not rusted, not bent, and in otherwise good shape. The chimney should not have any missing or damaged bricks. Any exterior vents should be clear. Don’t be afraid to hire roof repair professionals to address any issues you notice.

Exterior Inspection

The rest of the home’s exterior should be inspected as well. Look for things like the appearance of cracks in the foundation and dents or other kinds of damage to your siding. Check to make sure there is still proper drainage away from your house near all downspouts. Also, inspect trees and ensure no limbs are over the roof or too close to the siding or windows.

These are four important areas of your home that are often ignored but must be inspected on a routine basis. If you can spot issues in your roof, attic, exterior and basement before they become more serious problems, you can save yourself a lot of trouble and frustration. Make sure you inspect them on schedule.