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One of the top causes of injuries for seniors is falling. These accidents can lead to severe health problems, including head traumas, memory loss, and limited mobility. Therefore, it is best to keep your loved one’s home as fall-free as possible, especially in the bathroom, where most slips occur among the elderly. Using valuable tips to prevent bathroom slips and falls could boost your loved one’s mental and physical well-being and allow her to age in place gracefully. 

Adequate Lighting 

Vision problems are common among older adults, making it challenging to navigate around the bathroom, primarily at night. Therefore, installing adequate lighting fixtures can help your loved one move around the space without the fear of falling. Your options will vary based on needs, preferences, and budgets. In many cases, merely adding nightlights with sensors is an excellent idea because they provide visibility to the bathroom and hallway area. 

Customized Bathing Selections 

A tub-to-shower conversion provides more space, making it easier for seniors to move around without falling or suffering severe injuries. The installed bars can also reduce the challenges of sitting or standing, regardless of seniors’ limited mobility. One of the top benefits of the tub-to-shower conversion options is the customization choices. Based on budget, you can add seats to the upgrade, along with ramps. These products are easy to clean and are typically made with strong material that doesn’t flex or squeak. 

Non-Slip Mats 

Whether on the floor, in the shower, or in the bathtub, it would be best to use these mats instead of traditional options. The non-slip mats stay in place, as opposed to moving when stepped on. As a result, the steadiness could reduce your loved one’s risk of slipping at the sink or in the tub and shower. As well as these mats, encourage your loved one to wear non-slip socks that could lead to sturdier walking and fewer slips. 

Grab Bars 

Having something to hold onto could stop seniors from falling when maneuvering around the bathroom. The grab bars can be installed anywhere with a flat or leveled surface. For example, you can have them installed next to the toilet, supporting your loved one when he stands up or sits down. These bars are also beneficial while seniors stand in the shower or sit in the tub cleansing. 

The tips above could keep the bathroom safe regardless of whether your loved one lives alone or with other family members and caregivers. The objective is to protect her safety while encouraging independence around the home, especially when taking on hygiene-related tasks.