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With an endless amount of money, you could revamp your entire house, especially your outdated kitchen. If you are like most people though, and you are on a tight budget, you may wonder if you can ever afford to revamp your kitchen. Although gutting your kitchen might be ideal, it tends to cost an average of $16,000 which isn’t exactly pocket change. By just making a few updates, you can help transform your kitchen for substantially less. 

Many homeowners want to have a stunning kitchen that catches the eye of their own family members, guests, and prospective buyers. However, think about all of the work that you do in the kitchen. The functionality of the kitchen is of utmost importance. Learn how you can make your kitchen a more functional space. 

Consider Your Cabinetry 

When you replace the front of your cabinets, you can essentially make them look like new. Plus, they are a lot more affordable than having to replace your entire cabinets. With cabinet refacing, a professional will come out to your house, take off your existing cabinet fronts and then replace them with new ones. Depending on your style and the material that you end up going with will ultimately determine how much you will end up spending. If you have exposed cabinets on the side, you can always have them painted to match your new cabinet fronts so that they fit in seamlessly. 

Account for Adjacent Spaces 

While changing the entire layout of your home can be a massive and expensive project, you can make some smaller adjustments to have a more functional space. For example, you might decide to swap the living room and the dining room so that the latter is closer to the kitchen. Also, if you tend to serve meals outdoors, particularly in the warmer months, a door in the kitchen that goes out to the backyard or deck makes logical sense. 

Get More Countertop Space 

You might have an assortment of appliances that you’d like to use more frequently but hate having to drag out these bulky items simply to make one meal. Scheduling a kitchen countertop installation can help with this issue. When you have more countertop space, you can keep additional appliances out. Instead of waiting for special occasions to use that miniature waffle maker or ice cream machine, you can get more use out of your kitchen tools regularly. 

Make Use of Extra Space

Chances are that there is some empty room in your kitchen. You might add an island or a breakfast bar that has both seating and storage options. Another possibility is to buy a pantry cabinet so that you don’t have to keep extra essentials in the basement storage unit. If you have ample additional room in the kitchen, think about creating a breakfast nook. This feature could also make the property more attractive if you decide to put the house up for sale. 

Install Functional Flooring 

Laminate flooring used to come in large rolls that were affordable and easy to install but they also looked a bit cheap. Nowadays, laminate flooring can look just like hardwood and is really durable. Consider having all of your kitchen flooring replaced with laminate flooring like LVT that is waterproof so it will stay protected if someone spills water on it or if you have a dishwasher leak. 

Stay Organized 

If you’re constantly scrambling to find a pen and pad of paper to write the grocery list on or you can never seem to locate that one baking dish, now is the time to get organized. A disorganized kitchen typically leads to a waste of time. Also, instead of continuing to search for items, you might find that you’re inclined to give up and order delivery for dinner on a regular basis. Being organized can help you to avoid this waste. 

If you want to learn a little bit more about ways that you can save money on your kitchen redo, reach out to a kitchen contractor today and they can walk you through all of these options to help you create a brand new-looking kitchen. 

Many people consider the kitchen to be the central area of the home. By taking the time to optimize the functionality of the space, you can get even more usage out of the kitchen.