Cosmetologist does anti wrinkle injections on the chin against sagging skin. Women's cosmetology in the beauty salon

A double chin can happen to anyone, especially as they age. If you’re starting to develop a double chin, you’ve probably wondered if and how you can get rid of it. Here are four things you can try to reduce or eliminate your double chin.

Drop a Few Pounds

While double chins aren’t always a result of excess weight, carrying extra pounds is a relatively common cause. One of the first things you should try to get rid of your double chin is losing some weight. Exercise and a healthier diet will not only help you reduce your double chin but also allow you to lead a healthier life in general. This approach will take a bit of time, but it is by far the best and most effective long-term solution for a double chin.

Try Some Jaw Exercises

Another relatively simple way to attack a double chin is with jaw muscle exercises. These exercises tone and tighten the muscles under your chin, helping to pull back the loose skin that turns into a second chin. The simplest exercise to try is to look directly upward and push your lower jaw forward. When you do this, you should feel tension directly beneath your chin. Doing this exercise regularly may help you tighten up and reduce your double chin.

Consider Injections

Many people have never heard of double chin injections, but they can be extremely effective in helping you get rid of your double chin. These non-invasive injections essentially dissolve the fat under your chin. Side effects are minimal, but some swelling is usually to be expected immediately after the procedure. This is the fat cells dying and clumping together before the body eventually gets rid of them.

Explore Spot Fat Reduction Options

In addition to injections, you can consider other types of spot fat removal. The most popular of these treatments involve exposing the fat cells in your double chin to very low temperatures, causing them to die off. Spot fat reduction treatments are usually done on an outpatient basis and are non-invasive. Generally speaking, though, injections are an easier and more convenient option.

As you can see, there are many ways to reduce or eliminate a double chin. From basic weight loss to modern cosmetic treatments, you have plenty of options to keep you from living with a double chin. It’s usually best to try weight loss and exercises first, then move on to the more aggressive treatment options if you don’t see satisfactory results.