On a hot summer day when your kids are home, the last thing you want is to have your home’s A/C unit fail. When it does, you will suddenly find yourself scrambling to keep your kids as cool as cucumbers. While you may think this will be impossible without the A/C, the fact is there are actually many ways you can still keep your kids comfortable on a scorching day. Should the A/C let you down, here are some things you can try with your kids.

Head for the Pool

If your A/C is not working, this means it’s a perfect time to pack up the kids and head for the nearest swimming pool. Even on the hottest of days, splashing around in a pool will not only keep your kids cool but also let them have plenty of fun with their friends.

The Garden Hose

If you can’t make it to a swimming pool, simply hook up your garden hose, hang it overhead, and let your kids run back and forth underneath it. Though you may spend a few more dollars on your water bill, this will keep them cool while a technician from E & R Heating & Cooling finds out what’s wrong with your A/C and makes the repairs needed to get it up and running once again.

Turn on the Fans

When the A/C is not working, you can always pull out some fans from the closet and turn them on full blast. While sitting in front of a fan is not as comfortable as air conditioning, some fans can actually cool things off quite a bit when turned up at high settings. Since they will know it’s only temporary, chances are your kids will be good sports and use the fans for a little while.

Eat Some Ice Cream

Finally, if there is one big advantage to the A/C going out on a summer day, it’s that it gives you and your kids the perfect excuse to indulge in some ice cream. Whether you have some popsicles in your freezer or decide to go out for a frozen treat, eating some delicious ice cream while your A/C is on the fritz will take everyone’s minds off of the problems at hand. Even if you and the kids experience brain freeze, it’s worth it.

Should you experience your A/C going out on the hottest of days, keep these tips in mind. Whether it’s ice cream, fans, or a swimming pool, you’ll have cool kids when the A/C starts operating once again.