Friendly African American concierge giving two guests their check in information while working behind the reception counter of a hotel

The summer months provide ample opportunity for companies to see growth in business and to attract new clients. With teachers, college students, and kids off from work and school, your company could experience major improvements in the next few months. Consider some smart strategies to expand your business and make customers happy this summer. 

Outdoor Shopping or Dining 

While some people have more free time in the summer, they prefer to spend their days outdoors. Continued concerns about the pandemic could also contribute to this desire. Consider setting up a small awning right outside the front door of your business that allows customers to do a bit of shopping outside. Owners of eateries should have at least a few outdoor tables available. If you have the space to do so, consider a more robust outside dining area. 

Prioritize Comfort 

Customers who walk into a swampy, uncomfortable store are likely to step right back out into the fresh air. Services like Environmental Air Systems Inc. suggest getting your company’s air conditioning inspected before the temperatures get too hot. Take care of any necessary repairs or replacements as soon as possible to ensure that visitors can have a comfortable shopping or dining experience. However, keep the temperature at a reasonable level so that visitors aren’t chilly either. 

Seasonal Products and Services 

Consider how your business can match the seasonal needs of customers. You could add services specific to needs that arise during the summer or products that are appealing to tourists in the area if your business is located in a popular vacation spot. Update the menu to include a few seasonal dishes or drinks. Another possibility is to host summer sales near the major holidays or to sell items related to the holidays. 

Online Shopping 

Some people don’t have time off in the summer, and others spend a decent amount of the season traveling. If your business doesn’t currently offer online shopping, adding this feature can be an exciting and profitable upgrade. An online shopping platform can also be helpful for tourists who are planning to travel to the area soon. Before the trip, these vacationers may want to purchase clothing, coffee mugs, travel guides, or other gear related to the destination. 

Thinking about seasonal changes and upgrades to your business is important because customers’ needs and wants often vary based on the weather and upcoming holidays. Taking the time now to prepare for the summer season can help you to see more profits over the next few months.