Moving with your family to a far away location is exciting. Right now, you may all be excited about what your new future holds, yet you might also be dealing with some difficult emotions regarding the transition. As you plan your upcoming move, you can use these tips to keep stress at bay while helping your kids and other family members to adjust to your new living situation.

Take Your Family on a Virtual Tour

A long-distance move generates a lot of unknowns. Your kids might wonder where they’ll go to school or if your new town has a playground. You may also be curious about which gym is located near your house or whether or not you’ll have a nearby place to grab a cup of coffee. Taking a virtual tour of your neighborhood online can help everyone to start getting familiar with the amenities and venues that are available near your new house.

Carve out More Time to Relax By Using Moving Services

It always seems as though children need extra attention right when your time is stretched to the max, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Ask your long distance movers about services that they provide that could open up more time to have those important bonding moments with your kids. Certain companies, such as H. Johnson Moving & Storage, know just how important this is. For instance, having someone else handle the packing can free up time for your family to enjoy a relaxing dinner after a long day of prepping for the move.

Plan Ways to Maintain Social Connections

Your family might also be feeling the emotional effects of having to leave their friends behind. You can also use some of your free time to help your child get contact information for their friends. Then, you can set up a time for them to talk or have a virtual chat session once you arrive at your new home.

Help Your Kids Pack a First Night Box

Helping with packing gives kids a sense of control over what is happening. Even with professional movers handling the heavy stuff, you can still get your kids involved. Provide each of your family members with a box or bag that they can pack for their first few nights in the new home. They’ll feel better knowing that they have their favorite pair of pajamas and stuffed animal to get comfortable when they go to sleep in their new bedroom for the first time.

Throughout your move, you are bound to encounter moments where one or all of you feel stressed. Try to remember to take a time out to reconnect and make sure that everyone is on the same page. With the help of professional movers, you can create more time to talk to each member of your family to make sure that everyone is working through the transition well.